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funny pictures

No description

Hank M

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of funny pictures

funny pictures
yo mama so stupid she put 2 quarters
in her ears and thought she was listening
to 50 cent
yo mama so stupid she stopped at a stop
sign and waited for it to say go
yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gas money
yo mama so stupid she thought
fruit punch was a gay boxer
yo mama so stupid she tried to rent a car
from The Enterprise
go 2 hell
-Mr. Smiley's
grand wisdom
of all of the wisdom
in wisdom
that's retarded
if u cant tell yet, i'm
a pissed off republican
cuase pop ups SUCK!!!!!!!
i dont know anymore
i...i... just dont know
no! i dont wana buy
why? there all still happy
not here
im sorry for nothing
Wanna know why they
call one direction 1D,
cause there's 5 guys and
Check out Raging REtards, now
known as Raging Morons on
Vimeo. Enjoy these pictures. Like.
Watch this video. More
memes. Most origanal>>
Real Dumb, Real Life

Im not racist if any of these are. They are just funny.
Also check True
Raging Morons
on YoutTube
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