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De-caffinated milk (oh, the horror!)

what not to put in your coffee...

Fallon McDonald

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of De-caffinated milk (oh, the horror!)

Milk, a so called glorious thing...
after you read this you will not think so highly of it anymore... one day while driving down the street, a packet of sugar found a bag along side the road, he through that he should throw it in with the luggage for his second honeymoon, so he did. well, that was the stupidist thing he ever did, and when the got out on uncharted waters (Mr. and Mrs. Sugar,) they found that the bag in which they thought was just a normal bag, had started moving... the bag grew a head, then soon legs arms, the whole nine yards! Mr. Sugar fainted and Mrs. Sugar, fell over and began to have a seizure! sugar sugar the milk was...
de-caffinated (oh my!)
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