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Skrillex :D

No description

Migueel Loredo

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Skrillex :D

Skrillex Sonny Jonh Moore better know like skrillex. Is an electronic musician. He was born in January 15 of 1988 He was born in Los Angeles, United States. He makes dupstep, brostep and electro house music Skrillex was in the group of From First To Last He is a very important person in dupstep music because he makes that a lot of people listen this kind of music. in his childhood Skrillex was born in los Angeles where a man and woman adopted him. At his 14 years in his school he was a victim of bullying On 2004 he knew that he was adopted, so when he was 16 years he leave his house. In 2008 Skrillex started his career with the name: Skrillex In june 7, 2010 Skrillex took out his 1° record named: ''My Name Is Skrilex'' In 2010 he had a tour with deadmau5 and he took out his 2 record named: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites In 2011 the song: First Of The Year
was in the new album that was the next part of Scary Monsters.
It was named: More Monsters And Nice Sprites In 2011 took out his next album named: Bangarang Grammys In 2012 : He was nominated to: Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronic Album, Best Remix and Best Video. He won: best dance recording and best dance/electronic album with: Scary monsters and nice sprites He won best remix with: Cinema In 2013: he won in the next categorys He won best elctronic song with: Bangarang He won best album of electronic music with: Bangarang Skrillex concerts Skrillex has participated in one of the best festivals in the word named: Tomorrowland In his last concert tour Skrillex use this type of spaceship Skrillex has come to Mexico only one time Before After
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