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Surviving Science with Ms. Lauer

No description

Lyndsay Lauer

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Surviving Science with Ms. Lauer

Surviving Science with Ms. Lauer
Step 1 - What to Expect...
What kinds of assignments you can expect to complete...

- Classwork EVERY DAY
- Homework AT LEAST once a week (you can always do more!)
- Quizzes (announced and unannounced)
- Tests (chapter by chapter AND full unit)
- Written assignments
- Projects (one project per marking period)
Step 2 - Supplies
For this year, you will need the following items:

- A 2 inch binder
**I suggest buying a "Heavy Duty" or "Durable" binder as we will be using this every day and constantly adding new things to it.**
- Loose-leaf paper in your binder
**wide or college ruled is fine**
- 5 Dividers
**As long as your chapters are divided, I don't mind if these are home made...that's the kind I use!**
- 1 composition notebook
**This will be your response journal. Please make sure your name, grade and period are on the front!
Example: Ms. Lauer 8-1
Science Response Journal
Step 3 - Extra Hours
- Ms. Lauer and whoever wants to come!
- Extra help and support or challenge work!
- D-1
- before or after school*
- to provide students additional time for any academic challenges or questions

What you will be graded on...

- Class participation
- Lab work and lab reports
- Homework
- Quizzes
- Tests
- Projects
Grading Breakdown...

- Four categories:
- Classwork = 15%
- Homework = 15% (includes response journals)
- Quizzes = 30%
- Tests/Projects/Labs = 40%
YES, there will be chances to earn extra credit!
Additional materials you may want to purchase (but are not required to have:

- reinforcements
- extra loose leaf paper
- extra dividers
How Extra Hours will work...

- Sign on the board
- Following week hours posted on FRIDAYS
- Sign ups the day beforehand!

- one morning per week
- 7:15 - 8:15 AM meeting time (you do not have to use the entire time
- one afternoon per week
- 3:15-4:15 PM meeting time (you do not have to use the entire time)
What do you need to bring to Extra Hours?

- specific questions
- examples of study habits that you have tried on your own
- your science materials! (notebook, response journal, etc.)
- your BRAIN!
- a positive attitude :)
Step 4 - Text Updates
Stay in the loop by signing up for text updates!

Used for:
- test/project/quiz reminders
- important class information
- extra credit opportunities that may come up after the school day

How do you sign up?

Text your class code to (856)-672-5568 to register!

Reminder - this is not my phone number and I will NOT receive any replies. If you have a question about something sent out via text, please email me at llauer@somerdale-park.org.

Class Codes (include the @ sign)

8-1: @2999a
8-2: @2999b
7-4: @2999c
6-5: @2999d
6-8: @2999e
Science club: @2999f
One final thought...
It's time for a pep talk!
Homework Days:

Mondays - 6th
Tuesdays - 7th
Wednesdays - 8th
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