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This is my project on Texas.

Neil Kelly

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Texas

Texas Map, Seal and Flag Texas is the second biggest state in America. It is in North America and is situated at the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is boardered by the Rio Grande river on the western and southern sides. The capital of Texas is Austin but the biggest city is Houston. Other big cities are Armarillo, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, San Antonio and El Paso. The flag is nicknamed the lone star because it has one star on it. The blue stripe on the right stands for loyalty,the white stands for purity and the red stands for bravery.The star is on the flag and seal to represent unity of the state of Texas and when they got their independence from Mexico. There motto is Friendship. The city of Austin Austin is the capital of Texas it is the 13th most populist city in America. It has 1.8 million people. It used to be called Waterloo but after it was named after Stephen Austin beacuse he was the Republic's first secretary of state . The Mayor is Lee Leffingwell. Austin is 297 square miles in size. The city of Houston Houston is the fourth biggest city in America with 2.1 million people living there. Houston is 626 square miles in size. Houston is well known for its energy sources of oil and natural gas. There is a large ship channel running to Houston which helps with trading with the rest of the world. There are loads of places of interest in Houston like the Museum of fine arts, Museum of Natural science, Reliant Stadium that holds Rodeos. Houston has the NASA's mission control centre . It is known for it's radio callsign Houston. NASA mission control centre is named after Christopher C. Kraft Junior. It manages aircraft and spacecraft. It has many computers and monitors and was built in the 1960's. It is famous all over the world for it's taking control of the launched spacecraft. Texas is dryer in the western side and wetter as you move across to the eastern side. It is very hot in the summer in the south of Texas and colder as you go north. Climate of Texas Food A popular food item is the breakfast burrito made from a flour tortilla wrapped around bacon and scrambled egg or other hot cooked fillings. Chili con carne is also a eaten and is a Tex-Mex dish ( Texan Mexican dish) and is made from shredded meat, pork, cheese, beans, and spices. Thanks for watching Texas History of Texas Texas was ruled by loads of different types of groups. The first group was a number of native American tribes. Archaeologists discovered sixteen different tribes such as Apache and Comanche. In the plains of Texas they hunted mainly two animals. The two animals are the guanaco, related to the llama, and the rhea, a large flightless bird related to the ostrich. Then the French came over and invaded in 1684–1689
The colony lasted only four years before being beaten by the harsh conditions and hostile natives. The Spanish came over and invaded Texas and Mexico in 1690–1821. Then in 1821 the Mexicans got their independence from Spain and claimed Texas. The battle of the Alamo near San Antonio was a battle won by the Mexicans but when they killed all the defenders in the Alamo it made people rise up and beat the Mexicans winning the civil war. In 1836 Texas claimed their independence by a treaty with Mexico and the borders included all of present day Texas. In 1845 Texas became the 28th State of the United States of America. Mexico still thought of Texas as a Mexican state and had a war with America over Texas in 1846 - 1848. America won and took Texas. When Abraham Lincoln declared a ban on slavery all of the southern states declared war because they were agricultural farming areas and wanted slaves to work the farms. They declared themselves as the confederates. Texas was mainly a supply state it gave supplies to the other fighting states at the start but when the United States attacked closer they became more involved. Over 70,000 people fought for the Confederate states from Texas. Texas fought in every major battle in that war. After years of war the United states won but Abraham Lincoln was assinated. The Civil War Geography of Texas If Texas was still a country it would be the 40th largest in the world. Texas has three rivers as borders the Rio Grande, The longest rivar in Texas, dividing Texas and Mexico , the Sabine river the eastern border, and the Red river on the north. It has a very large area of plains and mountains in the West. There are five main mountain ranges in Texas. The Guadalupe Mountains have the highest peak in Texas called Guadalupe Peak. The other main ranges are: Chisos Mountains, the highest is Emery peak; The Franklin mountains highest peak is North Franklin; Chalk Mountains and Hueco mountains make up the main ranges. Some of the biggest lakes in Texas are Lake Buchanan, Lake Lyndon B. Johnson , Caddo Lake, Lake Austin ( a resevoir), Lake Whitney ( a flood control resevoir) and Toledo Bend Lake (a resevoir). Sports The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are the two main American football clubs in Texas. The Dallas Cowboys have been very sucessful they have got to eight super bowls and won five of them. Baseball is a popular sport in Texas. They have two major teams as well the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. The Astros were the first team in Texas to make it to the world series in 2005. The Texas Rangers finally made it to the World Series in 2010. Texas has three big teams Texas is home to three big Basketball teams, the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks. All of these have won championships. Famous people from Texas 1. Brent Spiner 5. Jennifer Garner 6. Hilary Duff Dennis Quaid Patrick Wayne Swayze Beyoncé Knowles State symbols State bird State mammal (large) State Mammal (small) State Flying Mammal State Insect State Reptile State Fish State Shell Mockingbird Texas longhorn Armadillo Free-tailed Bat Monarch Butterfly Texas horned lizard Guadalupe Bass Lightning Whelk Other state symbols State Flower State Plant State Tree State Grass State Shrub State Fruit State Vegetable State Fiber Bluebonnet Prickly Pear Cactus Pecan Sideoats grama Chinese Crepe Myrtle Red Grapefruit Sweet Onion Cotton Even more State Dinosaur State Stone State Gem Pleurocoelus Petrified Palmwood Texas Blue Topaz Earthquake and Hurricanes In 1995 an eathquake happened in Texas causing no severe damage. In 1931 there was a bigger earthquake that distroyed all the houses in the area Hurricanes are tropical storms. Hurricanes hit Texas about once every six years. In 2011 there was a big hurrican that came over the Atlantic ocean and damaged the state. by Eoghan K.
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