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Prezi created which made it to the Top 7 "Prezi + iPad = ?" Contest.

Goliath Digital Studio

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of unBoxing

ideas can be Click anywhere & add an idea BIG or small it doesn't really matter... new ideas include new ways of: things organizing things... and presenting things. looking at things at things It's a good tool for both: Notes What? How doing So, what is Prezi? Companies Teachers You have to think outside of the box. And a great one. 70,000 + Zooming in and out help students focus on what's important Will get the students attention Provokes traditional presentations (linear style) Multiple user collaboration Easier to show your ideas Show the "big picture" And now, it's on iPad. Oh yeah, iPad. iPad isn't just a simple idea. iPad is an idea for ideas. iPad is a blend of your smartphone and laptop. What is Prezi + iPad, you ask? All you need from your smartphone. All you need from your laptop. Gadgets More personal I say it's a mix of business with pleasure. The Box Prezi + iPad = Towards The Future of apps which help people be creative, innovate, make decisions, work and most importantly, communicate. Answers Notes Ideas Sometimes, you really just have to
think outside of the box. Prezi + iPad = Bringing the new ideas to people. Facts The Box If both ideas are great ideas, then Prezi + iPad = Better Idea There are no limits ! If people need Prezi, an app is a must. It's like holding your work in your hands. You can now retouch prezis with the Prezi iPad Viewer app. ! Fix any typo or retouch your prezi anytime, anywhere! anytime, anywhere
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