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Michael Jordan

No description

kayleigh ketterer

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Michael Jordan

Who is Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan was a professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls and Washington wizards.He played from 1984 to 2003. . He averaged 30.1 points per game. He is now part of the NBA Hall of Fame (ESPN, 2013).
Where did Michael Jordan grow up?
Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. But after he was born his family felt that the area they lived in was to unsafe, so they moved to Wilmington, North Carolina (ESPN, 2013).
What teams did Michael Jordan play for?
What college did Michael Jordan go to?
Michael Jordan went to the University of North Carolina. He led them to one National Championship win, 63-62. Michael made a 16-foot jump shot with 15 seconds left to lead them to their victory (ESPN, 2013).
How long did Michael Jordan play basketball for?
Michael Jordan played basketball from 1984-2003. But in 1993 he retired from basketball to play in major league baseball, but after 2 years Jordan came back to play basketball. However in the season of 1997-1998 his contract expired. That off season Michael retired for the second time. Finally in 2001 he came back for the last time to the Washington Wizards, and played for 3 more years and retired for the last time in 2003 (ESPN,2013).
Is Michael Jordan married and does he have kids?
Michael Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in 1989. They had 3 kids, Jeffrey Michael, Marcus James, and Jasmine Mickael. In 2006 they divorced but they share custody of their children. Both Jeffrey and Marcus play basketball at Central Florida (NBA, 2014).
What are some awards Michael Jordan has won?
Michael Jordan has won many awards as a professional basketball player. He won the All Star MVP award 8 times and the NBA MVP award 5 times. He also got an award for defensive player of the year, one of the 50 greatest players in the NBA history. Micheal received two olympic gold medals and rookie of the year (NBA, 2014).
Michael Jordan
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Michael Jordan played for his high school team, Laney High school in Wilmington as a Junior because he was cut as sophomore. Then Michael played for the University of North Carolina his college years. Finally he played for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards in the NBA (ESPN, 2013).
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