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Grade 8: Unit Plan

No description

Grafffiti walk

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Grade 8: Unit Plan

Grade 8 Unit Plan on Global Settlement:
Patterns and Sustainability


A1. Application: analyse some significant interrelationships between Earth’s physical features and processes and human settlement patterns, and some ways in which the physical environment and issues of sustainability may affect settlement in the future (FOCUS ON: Interrelationships)

A2. Inquiry: use the geographic inquiry process to investigate issues related to the interrelationship between human settlement and sustainability from a geographic perspective (FOCUS ON: Geographic Perspective; Interrelationships)

A3. Understanding Geographic Context: demonstrate an understanding of significant patterns and trends related to human settlement and of ways in which human settlement affects the environment (FOCUS ON: Patterns and Trends; Spatial Significance)
Critical Questions/ Enduring Understandings
What makes a community sustainable? Why is it important that communities be sustainable? What can happen if a community is not sustainable?

In what ways can the environment affect human settlement? In what ways can human settlement affect the environment? Why might this environmental impact have social, political, or economic consequences?
Introduction to Rational and Big Ideas
Awareness Test:
Curriculum Overview
refugee camp: darfur
drought in china
How aware are we?
Culminating Task: Class Activity
Each group of (4-5) will be given a country and asked to research the physical characteristics, climate, natural resources, location, etc and how this related to population density/settlement patterns.
Students will also be given a scenario in which the climate or natural resources or some characteristic of the country has been changed. Students will need to come up with a plan that will address this change and explain how this may negatively/positively effect their country.

Unit Lessons Overview
Lesson 1: Introduction to Settlement Patterns
Lesson 2: Settlement Patterns
Lesson 3: Connections between Earths Physical Features
Lesson 4: Sustainable Community in the Future
Lesson 5: Issues Related to Interrelationships and Sustainability
Lesson 6: Spatial Patterns
Lesson 7: Blue Gold
Lesson 8: General Location and Patterns of Human Settlements
Lesson 9: Current Trends and Human Settlement
Lesson 10: Human Impacts on the Environment
Lesson 11: Culminating Task

Activities, Assessments and Expectations

We need to develop sustainable communities that function within the limits of our physical environment.

Human settlement can cause social, environmental, and economic problems.

Human settlement patterns are affected by the natural environment and also affect the natural environment.
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