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LeMSIC Recruitment Presentation (shared)

Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee

Wajiha Jurdi Kheir

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of LeMSIC Recruitment Presentation (shared)

LeMSIC consists of :
- 6 "Standing Committees"
- 4 "Supprt Divisions"

Each division tackles a different aspect pertaining to medical students and to the communities they live in.
What is IFMSA?
Founded in 1951, the IFMSA is an independent, non-political and non-governmental organization that represents medical students' associations, embracing more than 1,000,000 students in 99 countries.
The IFMSA holds two meetings per year knows as General Assemblies : a March meeting and an August meeting .
During each meeting , almost a thousand medical students from all over the world come together to discuss ideas, projects and more .
Next General Assembly August Meeting will be in Taiwan. YOU could be a part of the delegation !
LeMSIC in IFMSA's Team of Officials
Caline Mattar: Vice president of Internal Affairs '10-'11
Katia Khoury: Training Director '10-'11
Ahmad Younes: Regional Coordinator for the EMR '10-'11
Melhim Bou Alwan: Supervising Council '10-'12
Joe Cherabie : SCORA director '13-'14
Standing Committees
Support Divisions
106 NMOS
99 Countries

The Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE)
provides students with one month clinical clerkship that are certified by the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. SCOPE allows Lebanese students to travel abroad for both an educational and a cultural experience while at the same time it provides international students the opportunity to do the same here in Lebanon.

SCOPE's Exchange Program:
Hosts more than 100 foreign medical students per year, providing them with lodging and free boarding...
Sends nearly 100 medical students from AUB, USJ, UOB, LAU and BAU every year for a one-month elective ABROAD
Annual LeMSIC Gala Dinner
FREE Summer social program
The Standing Committee on Reproductive health including AIDS (SCORA)
is devoted to raising awareness on issues of reproductive health with a special focus on HIV and AIDS. SCORA helps provide people living with HIV/AIDS with the necessary tests required to monitor their disease progression.

CD4 count initiative : annual World AIDS day fund raising concert to pay for CD4 count test
Peer education program: sessions given to various audiences ( students, scouts, etc.) in various age ranges targeting topics of reproductive health.
International Women’s Day Campaign and woman issues.
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and LGBT issues.
The Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME)
creates an environment where medical students can discuss all aspects related to medical education with the aim of improving the overall learning esperience .

-SCOME collaborates with other student bodies from different universities and organizes a series of orientation lectures in an attempt to answer medical students’ inquiries about their medical career. Lectures include Speed Dating Medical Specialties, USMLE/Match orientation, Internship in the USA help, Internship application steps, etc.
-Yearly activities include Training Workshops such First Aid courses or Nutrition courses in order to complement Medical Education.
-SCOME’s biggest yearly event is the annual fundraising Christmas Dinner .

SCORE aims at promoting research among medical students. It provides the opportunities for medical students to embark on research projects and activities. It thrives at broadening the interest of medical students by giving them the chance to participate in exchanges in foreign countries.

Research Day : WINNER
Research Workshops - Transnational Project
Research exchanges
The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP)
targets civilian empowerment and encourages its members to both develop their potential as well as to utilize it in making their surroundings , in this case Lebanon , a better place. SCORP also works for the prevention of conflicts and human rights abuses.

SCORP’s current activities and projects include :
- Jeopardy Trivia Night where benefit go to the can drive for the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.
- Can Drive : Collecting goods for Syrian Refugees from supermarkets
- Syrian Refugees Campaign : health and hygiene trainings done in Syrian Refugees camps.
- Annual Blind Date.
Public awareness , health and safety advocacy
Research and exchanges
Medical Education and orientation
Sexual education, reproductive health and women's issues
Medical clerkship exchanges
Social justice and human rights
Personal Development
CV & letters of recommendation
Community Service
Projects & advocacy
Non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit, student-run organization
Founded in AUB in 1964
5 Local Committees: AUB , USJ , UOB , LAU & BAU
Connections with AUB Faculty
Dean Mohamad Sayegh
Dr. Zeina Kanafani
Dr. Samir Atweh
Dr. Ghada Hajj Fuleihan
Dr. Ramzi Sabra
Dr. Ghazi Zaatari
Dr. Abdo Jurjus
Dr. Julnar Usta
Dr. Ali Taher
Dr. Alaa Sharara
Dr. Anwar Bikhazi
Dr. Salah Zeinedine
Many more...
Important Connections :
Ministry of Public Health (MOH)
Lebanese Order of Physicians
LeMSIC was the first non-European full member to join the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) in 1968, and has been one of the most active National Member Organizations (NMOs) since.
The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH)
aims to create a small community where members share knowledge, experience and ideas through projects and campaigns based on public health.

SCOPH’s current activities and projects include:
-Diabetes Awareness Campaign,
-Initiation of OPD fund
-Halloween Party,
-Mental Health Awareness Campaign
-The committee is currently developing eith other committees a Summer School project on Mental Health
New Technologies
6 SC National Officers
Executive Board
Coming Soon...
National General Assembly
LeMSIC is represented in those meetings by a delegation averaging 15 participants per meeting.
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