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Building SEM Brick by Brick

Confratute 2012 Presentation

Nicole Levitan

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Building SEM Brick by Brick

Building SEM
Brick by Brick
Presented by Nicole Levitan, Enrichment Coordinator at Laurel Mountain Elementary, and LME Staff
All about LME
Interest Surveys-
Get to Know Your Students
Enrichment Slot (E-Slot)
Located in Austin, Texas
Round Rock Independent School District
About 740 students in grades K-5
About 63 staff members
Exemplary Rating on state assessments
Diverse student population
28 languages spoken
High performing students
Highly educated and involved parents
What do we believe at LME?
Strengths used in the classroom everyday - this is how we teach
Teachers and staff get to know students' areas of interest
Need to work from a strength model - focus on child's individual strengths
Crucial to encourage critical independent thinking
Need to discover child's preferred learning style
Developing the whole child for a
lifetime of success.
What does SEM look like at LME?
Interest Surveys
Enrichment Slot
Enrichment Clusters
LEGO Lessons
Service Learning Projects
When you know what interests your students, you have the key to what motivates their hearts and minds.
Completed by every student grades K-5
Results tallied for each class, grade level and school
Grades K&1
Grades 2&3
Grades 4&5
Results help guide activities and projects in the classroom, E-slot activities, enrichment clusters, etc.
Special topics or projects,
based on
student interests
occur every Friday for all students.
E-slot is:

a special hour every week for enrichment during the school day

when all grades participate

when art, PE, music schedules change

based on students' interests

different in each class, each grade level

a one time activity or can continue
E-slot is not:

preplanned at the beginning of the school year

what you "normally" do

a "ran out of time" activity

when testing, small group instruction or reteaching is taking place
Interested in photography
Interested in fitness
Interested in the human body
Interested in paper airplanes
Interested in LEGOS
Interested in music
What does this look like?
Enrichment Clusters
groups which focus on specific interests offered in all grade levels for 6-8 weeks.
Thinking lessons
We use data collected from interest surveys to develop a variety of topics for enrichment clusters.
Enrichment clusters take place during the E-slot time during each grade level's turn. This allows us to use all of our staff, and we welcome parent support.
Grades 4&5 go first, for 8 weeks.
Grades 2&3 go next, for 8 weeks.
Grades K&1 go last, for
6 weeks.*
Teachers take broad topics and create a focus.
Teachers write a description for their enrichment cluster.
Students rank top 4 choices & are guaranteed placement in one of those 4.
Student interests guide the clusters, and it is their responsibility to create a product or service.
How LME does clusters:
We offer enrichment cluster tours for parents. Communication is the key.
Clay, Clay, Clay
If you like three dimensional art then this is your opportunity to learn about the ceramic process. Clay, clay, clay! Where does it come from? What can you make? There is so much to learn about clay. You'll discover the processes and techniques that will help you make your very own clay creation.

Is There A Doctor in the House?
Bee sting? Snake bite? Have you ever wondered what the best thing to do is? What first aid supplies should you take on a camping trip? If someone is choking, would you know how to help? Come and explore the fascinating world of medicine in the “Is There a Doctor in the House?” enrichment cluster. You may discover a career opportunity while exploring these and other questions!

Space Cadets
Did you know that it takes more than 150 years for a car to drive to the sun? Did you know that summer will last for 21 years on Uranus? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? If you’ve ever been curious about space and want to learn more, join us on our next expedition as we take off to explore the universe. Get ready for an exciting adventure. We will have a blast!!!

Roaring Chefs
Mmmm… does the smell of hot, sizzling food make your mouth water? Do you crave zesty appetizers and sweet treats? Then, Roaring Chefs is the place for you! Throughout our cluster we will discover some of the tools used by chefs in the kitchen and do some cooking of our own. We may explore different types of restaurants and create a menu for our own restaurant or we could even cook and bake all kinds of foods from many different cultures. When it comes to food, the possibilities are endless!

Snappy Snapshots
Are you an aspiring photographer? Would you like to be? Then this cluster is for you! Join us as we explore the world of digital photography and learn the tricks of the trade. You'll even get to start your very own portfolio!

Amazing Castles!
Do you ever imagine yourself as a princess or knight walking around in a castle? In this cluster, our minds will travel far away, back in time, to find out how castles were built, what they were used for, and other fascinating facts about castles. You will also make your own shoebox castle to take home!
Examples of Descriptions
LME Enrichment Clusters filmed by the kind folks of Austin Elementary in Coppell ISD
Enrichment Cluster Showcases
Enrichment Cluster Showcases at the end of the 8 or 6 weeks offers students a chance to share their products and services with parents and community.
Enrichment clusters
look different in kindergarten and 1st grade.

1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.

model : mod-l], noun
Remember, SEM is
a model.

You do not need to do everything at once.
Try one new thing and
allow your students to explore their
interests and talents.

Start building your program brick by brick...........
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