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Copy of South Asia Intro

An introduction to South Asia

Randy Denman

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of South Asia Intro

South Asia
The South Asian region is a little more than half the size of the United States. Yet it contains over a billion more people.
South Asia has a very diversy Topography.
Some areas such as the Sundarbans are
below sea level and are being threathened
by rising sea levels, the Himalayas boast Mt.
Everest, the worlds highest mountain.
Topography - elevation, layout and shape of the land
Topography - elevation layout and shape of the land
The South Asian Region has 7 countries. The region is famous for its rich culture, and beautiful landscapes
Splendora Social Studies Dept.
World Geo. 9th Grade
South Asia has 6 climate regions. All
of which can be found in India
India is the largest country
in the region, and contains
roughly 1/6 of the world's
population with more than
1.1 billion people residing within
its borders
The largest of the countries on the Indian perimeter. Pakistan is approx. twice the size of California and has a majority muslim population.
Most of Bangladesh is a broad
flat alluvial plain. Crisscrossed by
major rivers that flood every year,
the landscape of Bangladesh is constantly
Alluvial Plain - plain formed
by the soils from over flowing
streams or rivers.
The Sudarbans are one of the
shrinking habitats of the Bengal
To be such a small country
Nepal has an incredibally diverse
culture and is rich in history and
beauty, due to breathtaking views
provided by the Himalayas.
Nepal is home to Mt. Everest
the worlds tallest mountain. In
addition its fabled that the
Himalayas are also home to the Yeti...
Sri Lanka is a beautiful island
country south of Indian near the equator. Low coastal plains surround the mountain interior of the island.
Bhutan the other of the
locked countries. Is majority
mountainous, with most of the
population residing in the valleys
between the mountains.
Maldives are a chain of Islands located in the tropical indian ocean. It has a lower average sea level than any other country in the world.
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