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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing

No description

Nischay Malhotra

on 31 July 2018

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Transcript of HubSpot: Inbound Marketing

Buyers are taking control. Traditional marketing and sales techniques are losing their effectiveness in today’s highly dynamic business environment.
HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.
It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah with an aim to harness the transformative power that the internet possessed in changing the way small businesses operated.
It is a software platform where users can create content, optimize it for search engines and share it on social media. It then involves engaging prospects with landing pages, calls to action, personalized email and a personalized website. This is basically Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is a strategy, that utilizes many forms of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more – to create brand awareness and attract new businesses.
HubSpot built software products that help companies execute inbound marketing programs to supplement or replace their traditional outbound programs.
Eventually outbound marketing’s effectiveness was diminishing as the consumers felt bombarded with commercial messages, direct mails, trade shows, tele marketing were yielding less new business.

Creating marketing qualified leads, which provides higher quality leads to your sales team.
An improved customer experience and relationship with your brand.
Customers gain trust with your efforts to educate them and do business with you.
It simplifies your marketing efforts.
It can be totally automated by using tools like the HubSpot automated marketing platform, and makes it possible to streamline your business lead generation.
Inbound marketing transforms your website into your number one sales and marketing tool. It works round the clock, and will never stop

Inbound Marketing is more permissive while outbound marketing is more interruptive.
Inbound Marketing mainly uses pull tactics to attract customers while outbound marketing mainly revolves around push tactics.
Inbound Marketing is a two way communication while Outbound marketing is a one way communication.
In Inbound Marketing customers come to marketers while in Outbound marketing marketers approach customers.
Channels of communication for Inbound are search engines , social media and that for outbound are Print ads, TV ads, etc

Founder’s Background: Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan
Prior to forming Hubspot Dharmesh Shah was the CEO of Pyramid Data solutions and he also authored onstartups.com, a top ranking blog and online community for bloggers.
After graduation, Brian Halligan was working with a Venture Capital firm with an expertise in technology. As he worked with startup companies, he recognized an issue with which they all struggled, how to harness the internet to build a business.

Founding HubSpot
Halligan and Shah founded Hubspot in 2006 with Halligan’s marketing, sales and venture capital expertise and Shah’s technological knowledge and expertise as a successful entrepreneur.
Halligan became the CEO and Shah was the chief software architect and focused on product development. The two were a winning combination.
They initially self funded the business and then raised 5 million from multiple venture capital firms as premier financial partners.

HubSpot: Inbound Marketing
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