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Daybreak in Alabama- Harlem Renaissance

No description

Cory Kittleman

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Daybreak in Alabama- Harlem Renaissance

Daybreak in Alabama- Harlem Renaissance
Poem by : Langston Hughes
Daybreak in Alabama by Langston Hughes
When I get to be a composer
I'm gonna write me some music about
Daybreak in Alabama
And I'm gonna put the purtiest songs in it
Rising out of the ground like a swamp mist
And falling out of heaven like soft dew.
I'm gonna put some tall tall trees in it
And the scent of pine needles
And the smell of red clay after rain
And long red necks
And poppy colored faces
And big brown arms
And the field daisy eyes
Of black and white black white black people
And I'm gonna put white hands
And black hands and brown and yellow hands
And red clay earth hands in it
Touching everybody with kind fingers
And touching each other natural as dew
In that dawn of music when I
Get to be a composer
And write about daybreak
In Alabama.
Title Part 1
New day in Alabama
Some sort of change
When he becomes a composer, the narrator plans to write a song about daybreak in Alabama. The song will be pleasant and sweet. It will feature people of all races living happily together, presumably in Alabama.
"Purtiest"- This word means the word prettiest. The deeper reason behind the use of this word is a way to express the author's authentic voice.

"Of black and white black white black people"- This phrase gives a feeling of no separation between the words white and black, making no separation between the races, contrary to how it is in Alabama

"Daybreak in Alabama"- This phrase means a change in Alabama's culture into a more accepting environment there.
Feeling of hope
Scorn towards separation of races
Mocks the "line" between white and black

The shift occurs at the line:
"In that dawn of music when I get to be a composer"
Before- Poem about the song in his future
After- More about his future as a composer, making the dream more real
Title Part 2
The title now obviously means the song he will right about. Moreover, the "song" is not really a song at all, it is the future of a more accepting Alabama that he hopes for.
The theme of the poem is racial harmony
Should be omnipresent, no matter the culture of society
February 1st, 1902
Joplin, Missouri
Parents separated
Columbia University
Wrote poems that supported racial pride
Harlem Renaissance ideology

First poem at the age of twenty one
Langston Hughes was huge success after much hard work
Famous poems such as "Dreams"
Embodied the Harlem Renaissance
Related material
Tuesday Night at the Savoy by Reginald Marsh
One big group
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