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Welcome to ELR! training module

No description

East London Radio

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to ELR! training module

Welcome to
Why East London Radio?
What roles are there?
Marketing Shows
East London Radio was an idea between two friends, Ian Chambers & Aaron McCarter to build on the regional identity created during the 2012 games in East London.

A Twitter account was created in early 2013 to test the water and within six weeks ELR was followed by more than 1000 people.

As of July 2015 we have more than 7500 followers and almost 1000 programmes have been created by approximately 100 volunteers throughout studios in the East London boroughs.

ELR is only available online which means, unlike DAB, FM or AM, we are available everywhere, all the time! On iPhone and Android we have branded ELR apps, for Windows phone, iPad and PCs. We’re available on TuneIn or online at www.EastLondonRadio.org.uk

Not Ian
"Definitely faces for radio!"
ELR has a board of directors from radio and corporate business:

Chair – Paul Robinson
Managing Director – Ian Chambers
Operations Director – Aaron McCarter
Director of Volunteers – Vacant
Youth Director – Dekan Apajee
Non-exec (Strategy) – Mark Kass
Station Manager – Vacant
and these two again!
Where is East London?
We cover boroughs in North East London with studios in four:
The City
Tower Hamlets (Studio)
Waltham Forest (Studio)
Newham (Studio)
Redbridge (Studio)
Barking and Dagenham

cue eastenders theme tune!
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
We are proud to be recognised as one of the most gender diverse radio stations in the UK. ELR has a 50% split between male and female volunteers.

At East London Radio we actively encourage volunteers from different social and cultural backgrounds to join so we better reflect the diverse community in which we broadcast to and from.

Due to libel issues we have a strict ‘no politics/no religion’ rule on air as to ensure we do not unintentionally offend our listeners with deeply held religious or political viewpoints.

We want all our volunteers to work in a safe, respectful environment without fear of being intimidated or ridiculed due to any protected characteristic in line with the equality act 2010. We’re proud to be different at ELR and encourage anyone who volunteers to ‘be themselves’.

So what we're saying is
"Don't be a moron because someone is different!"
A person who is notably stupid!
We have a waiting list for new Volunteers who would like to present radio shows at ELR with an estimated 3-6 month wait.

A few tips when pitching for a show at ELR;

1. We welcome energetic and eager volunteers but it’s important that you have a very clear vision as to what you would like to accomplish from volunteering at East London Radio. If you don't have an idea in mind, it's harder for us to place you in the right volunteer role.
2. As obvious as it sounds, it’s really important that you’ve listened to a fair share of the shows we broadcast before thinking about volunteering. This will give you a good grounding as to the type of station we are and will enable you to have a more meaningful conversation about volunteering when you meet us. 
3. We currently have a number of excellent new music shows, which means we’re unlikely to accept similar shows. If you’re looking pitch show ideas to the station please bear this in mind. 

Presenting....there's more!
4. ELR prides itself on the positivity it spreads amongst the East London Community. We leave any negativity about other radio stations, community or commercial, outside the studio door!
5. You have an amazing show idea? Great! Have you thought about the show length, type of listener, the time of day and day of week it should be broadcast and can you express clearly how it’s unique from other shows that might be on the schedule?
6. We have a relaxed attitude to ‘soft’ swearing on the radio. We’d prefer you avoid it altogether if possible. There is a strict no Fs, Ns or Cs and this includes all music played. Your content can’t be broadcast if these words are present in music or spoken.

We are always looking for more studio support in all of our studios. If you have experience that’s fantastic, but full training is provided.

We have positions always open for the following roles;

Station Assistant – Technical Support
Studio Managing – Being on hand to offer more advanced technical support for those who self-op
ELR ‘sound’
Recording formats
Basic equipment training

Technical Support
Editors, where you at?
We regularly interview people and have tons of content, but like most other community radio stations we have a lack of editing support.

If you have experience using PC based editing software such as Adobe Audition or Audacity then we would love to hear from you.

Website & Mixcloud
Being an online radio station we also support our shows by adding all the shows as ‘listen again’ via the ELR website through MixCloud.

We use MixCloud as they are covered with the music licensing agencies within the UK for ‘play again’ of shows.

This involves remotely connecting to the ELR live studios, enveloping the beginning and end of recorded live shows, adding the synopsis, logos and embedding on the East London Radio website.

We currently create around 35-40 hours of live radio and a further 20 hours of pre-recorded radio each week so this is an integral part of the radio station.

Its easy to get excited about creating radio and we love enthusiasm, but sometimes this can cloud judgement on how much time can be given to volunteer and eventually can become overwhelming.

If you can volunteer one hour a week as a presenter this usually includes (at least) 1-2 hours research, 1-2 hours production meeting before the show, time to source guests and then reflection time after a broadcast on how it went. One hour of radio can quickly become 6-7 hours a week in-between other commitments.

We have shows that are broadcast weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or as a series.

If you have more time and would like to mentor and support new volunteers at ELR then we’d love this additional guidance.

We have some fantastic volunteers who work professionally in the radio industry and kindly support those volunteers who have recently joined as mentors.

Take advantage of all the opportunities at East London Radio, while you’re with us we promise you’ll meet new people, gain new skills and get fantastic exposure to the community and creative sector.

We are proud supporters and members of Radio Academy, Community Media Association, Creative Skillset, Intermedia, Sound Women & BECTU.

NB - we’d all love to be paid, but East London Radio is run entirely by volunteers.

Want to get more involved?
That means no pay!
We'd love to pay
But we can't!
Are we in an office?
If you have presented a live show at ELR and are waiting for this to be placed on MixCloud for ‘listen again’ then we endeavour to get this online within four days of the original broadcast and you will be provided with a log in for the East London Radio website to embed your own show when available on MixCloud.

If you have recorded a show then this will be placed on MixCloud on the agreed date or within four days of the recording. You’ll be provided with a login for the East London Radio website to embed your content.

What will ELR do?
East London Radio has a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you volunteer at ELR and you mention us then we’ll retweet or share on Facebook.

To have your content mentioned then this can be done in the following ways;

Like & mention the East London Radio page on Facebook
@EastLondonRadio on Twitter before or during your show to create a buzz and we’ll retweet
@EastLondonRadio on Instagram and we’ll like this on the IG account

Please remember that we create more than 60 hours of radio each week and mentioning this from the main ELR social media platforms would be difficult. Any content you create is your responsibility, so if numbers are low and you haven’t promoted your show please do not be surprised if there is little interaction or listenership.

Short Answer!
Admit it, you were dozing off then?
(we're almost at the end!)
Branded Social Media Accounts
We encourage you to create social media accounts for your shows, but we do ask that in the name you include ‘ELR’ as this is the medium where your show is broadcast.

For example, The Sports Show that broadcasts on Thursday evenings uses the name @ELRSport which makes it easier;

For people to know which platform your show is broadcast on
For us to repost or retweet from an ELR account to ensure your content gets enough exposure and increases awareness
To create consistency to encourage more people to listen for longer
To build your brand

Copyright of images!
Images like music have copyright of the original creator and unless you ask for permission to use these images you are infringing on copyright and someone else's intellectual property.

If you are to use images for logos from films for example, then please ensure you contact the rights holder of the image for written permission before adding your logo on the top otherwise you are personally liable.

Fonts are also subject to copyright, so please ensure you are using fonts that are ‘free for commercial purposes’ within a creative commons licence otherwise you are personally liable. Our font is copyright free.

When creating logos please use the ELR roundel (the ELR in circle) and write the text of your show in the middle of the image. Otherwise our site, MixCloud and other social media platforms will crop the image which may miss this. The logo needs to be an exact square of at least 800x800 pixels for higher resolution and will look clearer on the website.

(The happiness police!)
We'll see you soon!
Thanks for your interest in East London Radio.

Now you have a clearer understanding of who we are, what to expect and how you can get involved, what happens next?

Next steps

Stage 1 – Welcome to ELR module (this!) + a test!
Stage 2 – Initial discussion with our volunteer coordinator via Volunteers@eastlondonradio.org.uk
Stage 3 – Studio introduction with Station Manager, Jonathan O’Sullivan
Stage 4 – Training (if and when required from 1-6 weeks at an hour a week)
Stage 5 – Start Volunteering!

You'll be quizzed on aspects of this module, so (if you haven't already) restart and take some notes!
Eye (tenuous link) created this with some help from Jonathan and Lucy
a lot of time and effort went into creating this
so don't steal it!
pretty please?
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