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Telling the story of your congregation

No description

Robyn Davis Sekula

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Telling the story of your congregation

Yes! They like us! They follow us! They're here!
What do your users want?
They've liked, followed, etc.
Look for special moments, snap photos
to new job
NOTE: be careful videotaping musical performances and uploading it; it can be a violation of copyright.
You are a reporter. The church is your beat.
By Robyn Davis Sekula, Social media consultant
Sara Otoum, Social media specialist
Presbyterian Mission Agency

Telling the
of your
using social media

Hint: this is different
than what you want
Human connection
To be included
Where do you look for your stories?
At church.
Snap photos on your phone. Think "ordinary" moments that are landmarks in the church year.
Ash Wednesday
Notice that these are somewhat generic and could be used again next year. Take these in addition to people photos.
Blood drive
Photos don't have to be professionally shot for social media usage. Go for good, clear shots. Take more than you need. Upload quickly to social media pages, accounts from your phone, but watch typos. Easy to do on a phone.
Note: if you're sharing photos from someone else, ask permission.
Please, for the love of humanity, turn your phone sideways when capturing video.
Thank you
You can use your phone to capture video easily and download a video editor to help you cut it into shorter chunks. I use Splice.
Health fair
Visitors from Nicaragua
Where do I find stories?
On Facebook
Friend people from your congregation, add them to a list.
Pay special attention to pastors, staff.
Rather than sharing their posts directly on Facebook, right click, download their photos and re-share.
What makes a good story?
Youth programming
What do you want people to know about your church?
Worshipful music
Caring pastors
Proclaims the
Connected congregation
On Twitter
Create a hashtag, and ask people to use it
Follow people from your community, congregation
On Instagram
Grab photos and re-post, share on Facebook
Good posts by churches
Maxwell Street Pres., Lexington, Ky.
Charleston posts
Second Pres, Charleston, S.C.
Charleston posts
Northminster Pres.
Tucson, AZ
What do I post personally?
Snapshots of your life and work
Well played
Clairmont Pres, Decatur, GA
Great photos
And, as always,
something funny
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