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The Myth of the Latin Woman:

No description

Eliza Jason

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of The Myth of the Latin Woman:

Mariam Elmalh, Louis Garcia, Sterling Gates, Jayne Hubbard, Eliza Jason, Jeremy Lawrence, Mai Le, & Jared Salinas
Judith Ortiz Cofer
general attitude of mainstream media
oppression of Latin Americans (especially women)
author grew up in New Jersey
1960s to present
prompted by many years of cultural frustration
marginalized groups
Latinos (specifically Latin women)
anyone who has been mistreated or oppressed based on a stereotype
settle the cultural dispute between groups
ridicule the stereotypes
explain the origins of preconceived notions
change perspective through her story
empower Latin American women/ people that face prejudice
born in 1952 in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico
moved to New Jersey in 1956 where she was able to get an education
first Hispanic to win the O. Henry Prize
writes poetry, short stories, autobiographies, essays, and young adult fiction
the general character or attitude of a place,
piece of writing, situation, etc.
subtle frustration
social tensions
the context of the story; its time and place
to whom the author is writing
the author's reason for writing
thesis and main point
the author's life
the Latina stereotype
cultural barriers
overcame through education

In Conclusion,

The Myth of the Latin Woman:
/ Just Met a Girl Named Maria

By Judith Ortiz Cofer
Judith Ortiz Cofer shares her life story to reflect upon prejudices faced by Latino people and how she succeeded in overcoming these stereotypes in order to inspire these who share the same struggles.
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