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Years Of Reading

No description

Jenny Perez

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Years Of Reading

Now that I am older and able to read at a high level I fill with joy with the knowledge of how much I grew as a person and a reader. I noticed that my reading skills has improved a lot, from comparing to basic and advanced books. As a child, I did struggle to read because I didn’t knew how to or even try to as a child.

Reading History
Reading is important on daily basis. Everyone have at least, one favorite book that can be remembered and cherish. There are different kinds of books, fantasy, horror, funny, historical, romantic, and drama.
Scene 2 Reading History
While in elementary school, books and reading levels started to change. Books before, included pictures of the scenes and now books were filled with words and no pictures. Reading chapters seem different but it was a sign that my reading level was being take out.
Scene 3 of Reading History

In high school, my reading levels have definitely improved I really enjoyed was “The short second of Bree Tanner” by Stephenie Meyer, which I highly recommend to anyone with interest in the Twilight series. Currently, I am reading “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak for the individual reading unit which surprisingly is not a bad book. My reading has been picking since that book, it only slowed down for Bree Tanner since it was a book I really wanted to read because it was a part of my favorite series which has a lot more to it than people judge from the outside from the movies. Knowing that my reading skills had began with a childrens and advanced books. After reading good books, I don’t usually struggle as much as I used to do.
The Book Thief
By Markus Zusak

Annotation 1
The book sets the time, during World War II in Germany. Since the book takes place in Germany, there are German words that includes in the book. The book gives the translation and meaning of the book such as "Burgermeister" which means Mayor and "The fubrer" meaning Brother.
Years Of Reading
By Jennifer Perez

Scene 1 of Reading History
While growing up, our reading level develops. Switching to different reading levels and changing books is a great feeling and there are new books to discover but as we’ll enjoying a good reading. One of the first books as a child were based on “Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Friends”. The book was part of my childhood. A child’s book includes short sentences and picture, to help children read and learn but as we’ll to make reading seem fun and help set a image.
“Even death has a heart.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief
I started to read, “Charlotte's Web” by E. B. White. Later, The book was consider as one of my favorite books. Throughout the book, it makes me feel intelligent and look smart because of the levels that I increased and completed. I knew how the book was set up, by the scenes in the chapter that were descriptive and it helped me set a image in my mind. It was a new set of an environment that I have to get used to for further books in the future. While reading unfamiliar books, It was hard to announce and spell out words that I didn’t knew but as we’ll set the tone in my voice while reading to the class or to myself. It was normal to struggle in a sentence because it is a process and knowing that you are learning but as we’ll improving.

During the summer, I searched around the internet and googled any book's that were recommended. Many people recommended "The Book Thief" because it waas a fantastic book and it was worth reading. The next day, I decided to go at Target to buy the book physically. I was happy with my purchase and was curious to read the book. When I first began to read the first chapter, I was so into the book that I could go on reading non-stop. Sadly, I had to stop reading the book for a while and did not have much time to read because I had responsibilities to take care of. But luckily, during school I had a opportunity to read a book during class for a assignment and I decided to continue reading "The Book Thief".

Most people may not understand other languages. If a book includes different languages, translations are helpful in the book because not many readers may know what the word may mean nor understand it. In books, there will always be new vocabulary. People should realize that new words can be very useful in the future.
The main idea of "The Book Thief" takes place in 1939, when the Nazi began in Germany about a little girl name Liesel Meminger. In the beginning of the book, Liesel was by her little brother graveside, who died from a illness. There was a book hidden in the snow called "The Grave Digger's Handbook". Liesel realized that someone may had dropped the book by accident. So, Liesel decided to keep and hide the book.
Since it was Liesel first book, she began to be
curious and decided she wanted to learn how to read. Liesel wanted her knowledge with books to change. As the book continues, Liesel life was changing. Liesel, was sent away to a foster family because Liesel's mother was poor and did not have enough money to eat or maintain their home. This matter's to the character because Liesel life have officially changed and she wanted to gain knowledge in order to read but also reading is an escape from her sadness when her mother abandoned her.
Liesel is stealing books from many places, where she can find books. In the chapter, "The Mayor's Library", page 134. Liesel decided to steal books from the mayor’s wife library. Liesel adores books and had the guts to steal from the Library. She was brave enough to do such a thing, but in her mind, it wasn't right to steal from other's.
Liesel does not have enough money to afford books. Throughout the book, Liesel is in progress to learn how to read. Since, reading is a escape from her sadness. I assume, things happen for reason. But it makes me think, "Am I willing to sacrifice for something that I enjoy to do but as we'll to escape for the past?".

The Book Thief is a historical fantasy fiction. The author of the book ( Markus Zusak ), who is "death" himself in the book as the narrator. The book takes place in the dangerous times of Nazi Germany. It becomes to a perspective of facing death, knowing how things never comes out as planned when death is near, during the times in the Holocaust. The title of the book, means more then it should be because Liesel is known to steal books from forbidden places, which makes her as the book thief.
The way the book may have influence the reader is that the book gives a good understanding and hidden messages. Having a message towards a book is a way that a reader can look at certain things differently which is to have a different point of view. In this book, the influence can include to have good courage because Max (a Jew who is hiding in Hubermanns basement), had a courage to face consequences and is able to hide from the Nazi.

Not only that Max is hiding from the Nazi, The Hubermanns also have the courage to hid a jew in the basement. In the book, The characters change and grow later in the years. Courage have became a good part of their lives and habits. It may influence the reader to become a better person to have confident but aslo to have a good self-esteem. The book also includes a third person because "Death" is the narrator and tells the story of Liesel. Not only third person is invloved, First person includes as we'll because Liesel is also telling her own story.
When it comes to books, the author usually leads a message or a variable lesson that can be point out to the reader. At the end of the book, the reader may question, " What did this book taught me ? What lesson did I learn? What was the message of the book in over all?". The author wouldn't just write a book without any meaning. A book without a message or adivce that is given, a book wouldn't be a book. The book would become unwanted and useless.
Annotation 2
Annotation 3
Annotation 4
Annotation 5
Annotation 6
“The only thing worse than a boy who hates you:
a boy that loves you.”

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief
What makes a good book? Why are readers so attached to their books and refuses to let the book down? Most readers are passionate about books and figurative language, that books use in their writing. A way that a book can become interesting is when a book should include a plot twist. When the author brainstorm, in order to have good ideas. Such as themes, storylines, and background information. The book is made out of hard work and dedication.
Annotation 7
Annotation 8
Thanks For Reading!
From the past years of reading books in my life, reading books had became interesting and had definitely helped me, gain my knowledge. It is always a good thing to gain your own knowledge because reading can help you later in the future. Reading, can move you up into reading levels which is important to be used in your education life.

I never took reading serious. I noticed that reading is important and people should spend time reading about what they love or feel passonaite about.
Since, death led the role of the narrator in the book. Death used figurative language, including similes & metaphors.

Blood streamed till it was dried on the road, and the bodies were struck there, like driftwoods after the flood” (pg. 12)

" When she looked up again the room was pulled apart, then squashed back together. All the kids were mashed…"- ( pg. 77)
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