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Connectivity seagrass Indo-Australian Archipelago

No description

Udhi Eko Hernawan

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Connectivity seagrass Indo-Australian Archipelago

The Indo-Australian Archipelago
1. History: Impact of Pleistocene glaciation?
2. Recent pattern of connectivity?
3. Small scale connectivity?
Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
Historical connectivity: the impact of the Ice Age
Part 1
What is the impact of the Ice Age?
markers: ITS and trnL
genetic diversity
haplotype frequency
haplotype distribution
haplotype network
identify gene flow barrier
Investigating recent connectivity in the IAA
Part 2
What is the connectivity pattern?
How many populations are there?

Sampling locations = Part 1
Markers: microsatellite, 14 loci
genetic diversity
allelic richness
private alleles
identify gene flow direction
population structure
Investigating a small-scale connectivity
Part 3
markers: microsatellites
genetic diversity
allelic richness
private alleles
gene flow direction
population structure
(region scale: hundreds to thousands km)
Sunday Islands and Montgomery reef
9 meadows
Sampling locations
Could the observed pattern be explained by water current?
Hidrodynamic modelling (collaboration with other PhD student; Renae Gruber; Prof. Ryan Lowe, UWA)
Thank you!
2,5 Mya
11 kya
sampling locations
In search of seagrass connectivity in the IAA: A journey through space and time

Genetic approach
AUD 67.000
3 years
3 publications

= the challenge in the IAA
Hall, 2009. Blumea 54, 148-161.
Voris, 2000. Journal of Biogeography 27, 1153-1167
Gordon (2005) Oceanography 18(4): 15-27

Drew & Barber (2009), Molec. Phylog. and Evol. 53(1): 335–339
Nuryanto & Kochzius (2009) Coral Reefs, 28(3): 607–619
Barber et al (2006) Evolution 60(9): 1825–1839
Barber et al (2006) Evolution 60(9): 1825–1839
Picture: http://www.seagrasswatch.org/seagrass.html
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