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Catching Fire Scrapbook

Catching Fire Character Scrapbook Project

Sydney Espinueva

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Catching Fire Scrapbook


8th period : Reading
By: Sydney Espinueva

President Coriolanus Snow:
Katniss Everdeen:
Katniss Everdeen is the narrator
and the main protagonist in the story. She has brown braided hair and gray eyes. Her skin color is kinda olive. Her height in the movie is 5'7. She has a younger sister, Primrose, and a mother in her family. One of Katniss special skills is hunting. Katniss is caring, stubborn, determined, and responsible.
Primrose Everdeen:

Primrose Everdeen is the younger sister of Katniss Everdeen. Primrose has blond hair and blue eyes. She has an older sister, Katniss Everdeen, and her mother in her family. One of her special skills is healing. She heals humans and even animals too. She is a kind-hearted, shy, and a simple girl.
"The idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don't want him to die. And it's not about the sponsors. And it's not about what will happen back home. And it's not just that I don’t want to be alone. It's him. I do not want to lose the boy with the bread." This shows that she actually does care for Peeta.

Katniss was good with arows and bows. Katniss was close to her father and spent time hunting with him in the woods. There, he taught her about hunting, nature, and how to use a bow and arrow. In the Catching Fire, she was practicing her bow and arrow skills. She did very well in her practice. In the movie also she took out her bow and arrown shot on one of the monkeys that was chasing Katniss, Peeta, and their companions.
Primrose's special skill and talent was healing. Prim also loved living creatures. In the movie Catching Fire, she heals Katniss's sore. She even heals Gale's whipped sore on his back. Prim loves all living creatures, even the most unsightly ones. She has a pet goat, Lady, that Katniss gave her as well as a gruesome, ugly cat she named Buttercup.
Name Analysis:
Primrose is a pale, yellow flower. A named, Primrose, fits for this character because Primrose is described delicate.
President Coriolanus Snow was the ruthless president of Panem. He was the main antagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy. He has white hair and a beard that is white.He has a pale skin and blue eyes. He has a granddaughter. His granddaughter is almost the same age as Primrose.President Snow's special skill is killing people.He is describe as a ruthless, cruel, and cunning man in earth.
Catching Fire book
Hunger Games book
Source Page:
President Snow is ruthless, cunning and cruel person on Eartth. He gets what he wants. Like in the movie, President Snow wants Katniss to convince him that she and Peeta has to show that they are really in love or else he will try to hurt or kill one of Katniss's loved ones. He also killed Cinna because Cinna designed a dress that was white and when you turned its black.
Name Analysis:
The evil president is named for another Roman, one who was immortalized in the Shakespeare play with the same name. Shakespeare’s Coriolanus supported the power of aristocrats over the common people. Sounds familiar.
Page 2: Katniss Everdeen
Page 3: Primrose Everdeen
Page 4: President Coriolanus Snow:
Page 5: Peeta Mellark
Page 6: Gale Hawthorne
Page 7: Sources Page

Peeta Mellark is one of the main characters in the hunger games trilogy. He has been in love with Katniss.Peeta has a shiny blonde hair color and blue eyes.His height is the same as Katniss, 5'7. In his family he is the only child and has a mom and dad.Peeta's main talents are baking, painting, camouflage, wrestling, and using knives.Peeta has a very likable personality. He is bold (having announced that he was in love with Katniss to the whole nation), smart (figuring out strategies to use in the Games), and willing to go to extremes to keep Katniss alive.
Name Analysis:
Peeta is named after a bread name called Pita but a different spelling. Pita is a type of bread while Peeta is a baker that bakes bread. The name fits for the character like him.

Reactions to others:
He is a great public speaker and is very brave. Peeta is also loving and cares about the people around him and hates killing unless the pursuer is a threat to himself or Katniss. He is selfless (for his willingness to sacrifice his own life for Katniss'), has a good sense of humor that he uses during tough times, and always knows exactly what to say to make someone feel better. He is able to work with Haymitch on goals and strategy and, unlike Katniss, able to keep secrets and is trusted by Haymitch. In Catching Fire, Finnick Odair states that Peeta is one of the only truly good people to survive the arena.
page 2
page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Gale Hawthrone is one of Katniss Everdeen's most trusted friend and best friend since childhood. Gale shares Katniss' dark hair, olive skin, and grey eyes and is said to be over six feet tall by Katniss because when they met in the woods when he was only 14, she stated he was already almost that height.Gale is the oldest child of the Hawthorne family with his mother, Hazelle and his three younger siblings; Rory, Vick, and the only girl, Posy. Gale is an expert at snares and strategy. Gale also had a very idealistic personality. When he believed in something that was being challenged he wouldn't hesitate to fight for it.
Gale Hawthrone
Gale also had a very idealistic personality. When he believed in something that was being challenged he wouldn't hesitate to fight for it. It is later said by Katniss that Gale's fire, his passion and personality, was very similar to her own. He often accompanied Katniss when she did appearances as the Mockingjay, fighting when they came under attack. He also is the first to volunteer for the mission to save Peeta, though whether this is for Katniss or himself is not known.

Gale is an expert at snares and strategy. He has known about snares since the first time he went into the woods. He has been able to catch many animals in his snares, which has been helpful for him and his family. Gale taught Katniss about basic snares, which came in handy during the Hunger Games. Later, he is able to transfer his skill in snares into a skill in designing military weapons and tactics.
Gale is also able to use a bow and arrow, though he is not as accurate or fast as Katniss. He is able to shoot from a certain distance and it takes him a little longer to shoot, but he is proficient enough to hunt and defend himself. He is able to kill animals with his skill.
page 6
page 7
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