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Together we can prevent teens drinking and driving.

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Taylor Philipsen

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of Together we can prevent teens drinking and driving.

What is already being done?
Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students against Drunk Driving (MADD and SADD)
States and Communities
Continue enforcing DUI's, and zero tolerance for underage drinking.
Be sure that all stores in the area follow the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Laws.
Promote more awareness to young people on drinking and driving.
Hold voluntary classes to educate people on drunk driving.
Enforce TV commercials that show the dangers.
Discourage advertisements of alcohol on products young people regularly use.
Doctors and Nurses
Make sure, with teens especially, during checkups that they understand what underage drinking can do to their bodies while it is growing and changing and educating teens on how susceptible their bodies are to react easily to alcohol.
Have a DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).
Bring the Fatal Drunk Driving crash car to the school and have all classes go look and learn about it.
Be aware of students, especially highschool students, during homecoming, prom and graduation.
Keep the teachers involved.
Encourage clubs that enforce no underage drinking (Like the SADD organization).
'Practice what you preach' Don't be the parent that practices 'Do as I say, not as i do'.
Share the dangers of drunk driving to your teen.
Share with your teen that you are concerned that something bad could happen to them.
Act as a parent to even your children's friends because they may not have a strong support system.
Do not fall into peer pressure and consume alcohol.
Be responsible and not get behind the wheel or ride with anyone while under the influence.
Encourage friends not to drink and drive.
Take action and call a cab for a friend trying to drink and drive.
Start awareness at school for the dangers of drinking and driving specially in times like homecoming, prom and graduation.
What will I do?
I will not drink and drive.
I will do all in my power to prevents my friends from drinking and driving.
I will teach my younger siblings and the students at the elementary school I volunteer at about the dangers of drinking underage and drinking and driving.
I will talk to the police officer who does the DARE program at the elementary school and as how he teaches the younger kids about this.
I will do my best to not become a part of the statistics.
Teens Drunk Driving
What we can all do to help prevent it
Together we can prevent teens drinking and driving.
Pictures and Charts
Zero tolerance laws
Minimum legal drinking age
These are active organizations and laws already put in place that are seeking to solve the issues of drunk driving.
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