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treasure island

No description

kaelan pratt

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of treasure island

report by: kaelan the publishing treasure island was published in 1883 by Robert
Louis Stevenson, age: thirty. the idea of the treasure island story came to Stevenson in his summer cottage when he saw his nephew finishing a map of an island. soon the story was put into the -young folk- magazine under the title either "the sea cook" or "treasure island". When the book was first written, stevenson wrote at a rate of a chapter a day for 15 days straight. this failed in increasing sales of the magazine so stevenson printed the book treasure island which had 34 chapters and 6 parts all which were narrated by a boy named Jim Hawkins, except for chapters 16-18. during the printing the map of treasure island was lost so stevenson recreated the island. summary the story begins in a small inn with a
boy named Jim Hawkins and an older
man called "captain" who fears a one
legged sea-man. soon captain dies of
of a stroke. among the captains
possesions jim finds a map to "flint's
treasure". jim then shows the squire and
doctor the map. they set sail for the
island. On the ship jim becomes friends
with a one legged sea-man named long
john silver. while hiding in an apple barrel
jim over hears long john's plan for
mutiny. ariving at shore jim runs into the
woods where he meets ben gunn who
allies himself with jim and his friends. After two battles and the death of israle
hands, jim was captured by pirates after
stealing the ship. with the map the pirates search for the treasure and are ambushed by ben gunn who has the treasure and has left it to jim. jim then sails home.
main characters: jim
billy bones(the captain)
squire trelawney
doctor livesly
captain smollet
long john silver
israle hands
ben gunn
pirates piracy piracy goes back as far as 13th century
B.C., early piracy was often associated
with slavery. later in 3rd century B.C. piracy
grew even more common. there is even
a story that claims julius caesar was
captured by pirates when the pirates held
a ransom for julius he insisted he was
worth more... the ransome was raised.
soon after the roman senate invested
forces in fighting pirates. later in 67B.C. the
vikings became famous pirates. muslim
pirates began to take over the seas
between europe and asia. it soon spread
to the indian coast, then east asia (japan),
then the rest of europe, africa and america,
and the caribbean. the execution of
pirates was often gruesome, often times
the captain's body will be put on display
till the skin rots off. famous pirates black beard
grace o' malley
black bart
henry every
henry morgan
callico jack
captain kidd
nathaniel butler
jan de bouff
john nut
tobias bridge
enrique brower
john calles
peter easton
daniel elfrith
john ward
john morris
thomas pain
richard sawkins
bartholemew sharp
george booth
john bowen
black bellamy
anne bonney
edward england
james kelly
marry reed
b. roberts
tom tew
charles vane
henry every's jolly roger the end
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