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Japan, From isolation to Adaptation

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cheyenne dolen

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Japan, From isolation to Adaptation

How did Japan isolate itself from the rest of the world?

- Japan created the Closed Country Edict which outlined what the people could and couldn't do.
How did Japan adapt to changes brought on by the transition from feudal to modern models of organization?
- Japan adapted very well to all of the changes that were happening.
- They embraced the new technologies like steam powered ships.
- They also started trading with the other countries.
- They started to become a more industrialized country.

What were the motivations for the radical changes in Japan's model of organization during the Meiji period?

- Civil unrest started to break out within the country.
- Other countries started coming to Japan and wanted to trade with them. This caused a crisis.
- Japan wanted to start modernizing. Thier worldviews began to change.

How did the physical geography of Japan affect its worldview?
- There are lots of mountains and volcanoes in japan along with rivers. Japan is made up of many small islands and the whole country is surrounded by water.
- This made Japan hard to get to and it was hard to get to other countries so that made it difficult for ideas to spread.
How did isolation during the Edo period lead to changes in Japan?
How did the changes resulting from isolation affect Japan economically, politically and socially during the Edo period?
- Challenges that emerged were that people wanted to not all practise the same religion.
- They also wanted to live a more western way of life and not always follow their traditional ways.
Japan, From isolation to Adaptation
- They closed off the trading ports.

- They wouldn't allow people from other countries to come into Japan.
- They wouldn't let the people of Japan leave the country.

- The social system was changed. Ex. the classes began to change and and was soon demolished.
- People started to think differently and they started to question what the Shoguns said.
- the Emperor was in charge and was a symbol of loyalty.
- There were no more Shoguns or Daimyos.
- The government changed into one centralized government.
- The popular culture changed, there were new forms of cultural activities.

How did the changes resulting from adaptation affect Japan economically, politically and socially during the Meiji period?
- The changes affected Japan economically because they wanted to be a more industrialized country.
- The changes affected Japan politically because they know had a new form of government. The Emperor was the leader and was a symbol of loyalty.
- The changes affected Japan socially because the social classes were demolished and everyone was considered to be equal.
In what ways did changes resulting from isolation in the Edo period compare to changes resulting from adaptation?

- Changes that happened in the Edo period were there was a strict class system were the Daimyo's and Shoguns were in charge. The popular culture also changed so books and acting was more popular.
- The changes that happened resulting from adaptation were better for the country like the social system was demolished and there were no more Shoguns or Daimyos.
What Challenges emerged for the Japanese in maintaining traditional cultural aspects of their society while undergoing rapid change?
- Changes resulting from isolation affected Japan economically because they could not trade with any other countries and couldn't get goods from other countries.
-The changes affected Japan politically because now that they were isolated they had domains that were run by the Daimyos.
- Changes affected Japan Socially because they made strict social classes that you could not move out of.
How did the Shogun use the feudal system and the hierarchical social classes to maintain control of Japan?
- The Shoguns used these systems to maintain control of Japan because they made it so that you couldn't move out of you social class and you couldn't move to different land or to different villages or towns.
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