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ecozone project

No description

lauren leis

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of ecozone project

Arctic Cordillera Climate Information MAX: -11.5

Temp Range: Mean Temp: Total Annual Ppt (mm):
Distribution of Ppt:
summer max 190.8mm
-15.1°C 7.1°C -18.6°C -long winters
-short summers Soils -permafrost -tundra soils -bare rock because of permafrost there is
barely any vegetation Population: 1000 GDP: $0.012 bilion Major Citites: -Pond Inlet
-Clyde River
-Broughton Island Human Activities: -hunting
-tourism Area: 239 000km2 Wildlife The wildlife in the
Arctic Cordillera
includes: Polar bears snow geese Red-throated loon The End
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