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Was The Black Death A Good Or Bad Thing?

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ollie gordon

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Was The Black Death A Good Or Bad Thing?

Was The Black Death A Good Or A Bad Thing? By Ollie 'The Great' Gordon Was The Tour A Disaster Or Not? Yes It Was Or No It Wasn't Some people say that the Black Death was a
disaster but some say it wasn't.

Today I will be sharing some of my views about the Black Death and if I think it was or wasn't a good thing.

This is my opinion so if you have any disagreements or questions, ask me after the presentation please! "Yes, The Black Death Was A Good Thing" "Yes, The Black Death Was A Bad Thing" Of course, the Black Death was mainly known as a disaster which gives you sort of a hint that it was a bad thing. This is because obviously, the Black Death killed many people and also made a lot of people ill. Also, hundreds and hundreds of small villages were deserted as all or most of the people that lived in them had died and there wasn't even any point of that village even existing. Also, the businesses did not think that the Black Death was a good thing at all as all of their employers had died so they needed to hire more people and they were so desperate that the made an offer to people at such high amounts that they couldn't turn the offer down but this of course was extremely costly to the businesses. There are many reasons why the Black Death could be a good thing; for example, especially for the peasants as they used to have low wages and they used to have to pay very high rent but during and after the Black Death, they had high wages and they had to pay low rent. Also, the Black Death was in some ways great for England as it stopped them from getting invaded as the Scots and the French thought that the English army would all be ill and wouldn't be able to fight so they tried to take advantage of that and tried to invade but as soon as they stepped foot in to England, they caught the Black Death and so they had to go back to their own countries. Also, before the Black Death, the population of England was far too high and it needed to be lower so the Black Death did that job and decreased the population by a lot Remember, That Was My Opinion But You Decide! Hands Up ... ...Who Thinks The Black Death Was A Good Thing! ...Who Thinks The Black Death Was A Bad Thing! Thank You For Listening! QUESTIONS???
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