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Our work at SK Poseidon

presentation to profs and clubs

Germano Gallicchio

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Our work at SK Poseidon

Educational workshops Individual consultations Parent workshop Final club report Introductory Meeting Goal setting Wokrshop Arousal Regulation Workshop Mental Imagery Workshop What is Sport Psychology? Identity Social support Types of goals Setting SMART goals What is Arousal Regulation? Abdominal Breathing Progressive Muscle Relaxation What is Imagery? How can we use it? Exercises Questionnaire Interviews Sessions available - What the LTAD is going on with my kid?!! - Motivational climate Key factors of the LTAD model Parenting elite athletes Schedule individual consultations during training times New project: coach education to integrate sport psychology into their program Use the materials from 2012 as a starting point Valuable learning experience Working with a partner was beneficial Time: Good sample for students, but more time needed to be effective with the swimmers - This highlights the value of coach education as part of the internship TACK SÅ MYCKET!! Provide the swimmers with “mental tools” Parent intervention Create an efficient new warm-up program Build up core muscle strength with land-based training Increase knowledge of the importance of nutrition Warm-up & cool down program Strength & Conditioning (land-based training) Workshop 1: ROPES Workshop 2: Nutrition part one Workshop 3: Nutrition part two: Cooking Aims:
- Knowledge of basic nutrition for teenage athletes
- Aware of the importance of nutrition Concepts of Nutrition and metabolism:
- Macronutrients
- Carbohydrate, protein and fat
- Role, sources, recommendation intake Food labels: Smart snack ideas and strategies: Eating well when eating out (tips) Sport nutrition:
- What is sport nutrition
- Calorie intake
- Training – nutrition timing 3-day food record: Aims:
- Encourage the athletes to cook healthy
- The right proportion and distribution of food Continue land-based training Reduce the nutrition part; focus more on athletes’ knowledge of training principles Perform fitness and conditioning testing to track their progress Learned:
- How to work with teenage athletes
- Reflect our work
- How to design and adjust training plan Value of the internship
- We learned a lot
- Everyone was helpful and supportive Goal Setting Workshop
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