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My Ideal School

No description

Joanne Ong

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of My Ideal School

My Ideal School
Ace Academy
Adaptability and Creativity
Awareness and Confidence
~ Independent girls school
~ Multi-racial
Type of school
Student-based learning →
Entrance Requirement(s)
Students with PSLE scores ranging from 240 - 255
2) DSA
Fulfill both DSA requirements:
Consistently good results for P6
Interested applicants will have to go through an interview and participate in an aptitude test set by the academy.

Class size/
Teacher student ratio:
~ English & Literature
~ Mother tongue
~ Mathematics (E and A)
~ Triple sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
~ History, Geography
~ Social studies
~ Culture

Core subjects:
~ English and Literature (both are counted as one subject)
~ Mother Tongue
~ E and A Mathematics (both are counted as one subject)
~ Science (all three sciences are counted as one subject)
~ History
~ Geography
~ Culture
~ PE
~ Speech and Drama
~ Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Infocomm, Home Economics
Lower Sec:
~ English
~ Literature, History, Geography (at most any 2 of these)
~ Biology, Physics, Chemistry (at least 1 Science)
~ Social Studies
~ Mother Tongue
~ E and A Mathematics
~ Culture
~ PE
~ Speech and Drama
~ Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Infocomm, Home Economics
Upper Sec:
Non-core subjects:
Teaching Method (Part I): Self-Study
~ Self-studying of topics
- (For Math, Science, Geog/Hist/SS)
~ First lesson
~ For minor topics students will conduct their own research and read up on topics
~ Teachers will provide guidance if necessary

Teaching Method (Part III): Revision
~ Long-term revision:
- Revision for each topic every month (last lesson of every month set aside for this)
- Worksheets given out for students to do

Lesson format for Languages
Lesson Format for Culture
~ 1 semester will be allocated for students to learn about their own culture
~ 1 semester will be allocated for students to learn about other cultures (students learn about different cultures every semester)
~ Learning through practicals, field trips, theory lessons, discussions and project-based learning

Culture Exchange Programme (CEP)
~ Upper secondary students
~ Secondary 3 students will experience an exchange programme with local schools (E.g. International School Singapore, Singapore Gujarati School)
~ Secondary 4 students will embark on an exchange programme with overseas schools (E.g. Fudan High School (Taiwan), Cambridge High School (New Zealand))
Service Learning (SL)
Students engage in service learning activities throughout their four years in Ace Academy.
Expected to accumulate a minimum of 250 hours of service learning work within the 4 years
Service Beyond Boundaries (SBB)
Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 students
Participants carry out their service learning projects in developing countries in Asia (e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand).
SBB can be used as to complete the required number of service learning hours.
Personal Interest. Pursue it. (PI )
~ Upper secondary students
~ At least 8 students + gain the approval of school management
~ Area of interest > Non-competitive

School Vision
School Mission

Every Acer a critical thinker standing on the global stage.

To nurture girls who learn critically and are able to apply their knowledge flexibly in constantly changing environments while possessing a global outlook.
A-C-ing all rounds

Brief Overview
Cultural emphasis
~ General information about our school
~ Why choose our school?
~ School Curriculum
~ Forms of Assessment
~ A typical day in school
~ Special Programmes
~ Each cohort: 250 students
~ Each level: 10 classes
~ Each class: 25 students
~ Physical Education
~ Life skills
~ Design and Technology
~ Home Economics
~ Infocomm and Technology
~ Speech and Drama
~ The Arts
- Visual Arts
- Music
- Dance
Why Choose Ace Academy?

Conversational English/Mother Tongue
Written English/Mother Tongue
Content knowledge
Techniques will be taught while presentations and assignments will be assigned for students to practise

~ Speech
~ Presentations
~ Debates
~ Comprehension
~ Summary
~ Essay-writing
~ Teaching of techniques
~ Discussion session on current affairs every week
~ Teacher highlighting the important events
- Some assignments will be placed in real life contexts
- Grade procedure of practicals
- Two quizzes per topic
- SIAs as an alternative
School Support
~ Each group will receive a maximum of $50 per month
~ Monthly report required for continuous funding
~ A teacher-mentor will be assigned if necessary
Personal Interest. Pursue it. (PI )
Say Cheeseeee!
Thank you!
All CCAs or enrichment lessons are to start at 1545 and end by 1815 latest.
Teaching Method (Part II): Formal Lessons
~ Multiple approaches:
~ Teachers teach students according to syllabus
~ Simple scenario at the end of every topic for students to discuss
~ Experiential learning
~ Field trips related to the topic
- In-school
- External
Spaced Repetition
a confident person - adaptable and resilient, discerning in judgment, thinks independently and critically, and communicates effectively
a self-directed learner - takes responsibility for his own learning, questions, reflects and perseveres learning

MOE Desired Outcomes of Education
an active contributor - able to work effectively in teams exercises initiative, takes calculated risks, is innovative and strives for excellence
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