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No description

Student Shelton

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Hobby


Pop Music was invented in 1950
Rock was invented in 1950
Rap was invented in the 21century
Dance music was invented in the 19 century
Hip-Hop was invented in 1970.
My favourite groups are 5 seconds of Summer, Fifth Harmony, One Direction, and Little Mix, and The Vamps
Other Music
I listen to a lot of different genres such as:

MY Hobby
My hobby is listening to music. I usually listen to Pop and sometimes Rap. I blast music in my ears and in my room for along time. Its just an amazing part of my life and fun part of my life. I have 200+ songs on my phone. MY favourite singer is Demi Lovato.
For pop i listen to Demi Lovato, Sia, Tov Lo
Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Ariana G., Charlie XcX, Miley Cyrus and more.
For Rap I lisen to Nicki Minaj, Drake and Chris Brown, and Jake Miller.
For Hip-Hop I listen to Iggy Azalea.
For R&B I listen to Beyonce and Rihanna
For Rock I listen to Lorde and Lana Del Rey
For Dance I Listen to ZEDD and David Guette
For Little Mix, One Direction, and Fifth Harmony they where all on the X Factor. The members of the groups all started of as solo artist. All of them where eliminated, but the judges pulled them back on the stage and made them groups.
But for Fifth Harmony and One Direction, both groups were eliminated. Fifth Harmony was eleminated the final episode for 3 runner up and One Direction was eliminated and 3rd runner up. But as for Little Mix, they were the first group and girl group to wind the X Factor UK.
One Direction--2010 X Factor UK
Fifth Harmony--2012 X Factor USA
Little Mix--2011 X Factor UK
About Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato was born in 1992 in New Mexico. She started acting on Disney Channel. When she was a teen she starred in a Disney movie called "Camp Rock." Later on she was the star of Disney's show "Sonny with a Chance." Later on she started writing music and her first album "Don't Forget" was released in 2008, it debuted at number 2 on Billboard and she went on tour with the Jonas Brothers for the opening act. Then in 2009 she released her second album "Here We Go Again" and went on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Then in 2011 she released her third album "Unbroken," which featured the hit song "Skyscraper."Then she went on tour. Now in 2013 she released her fourth album called "DEMI" featuring the hit songs, "Heart Attack", "Made in the USA", "Neon Lights", and "Really Don't Care." Then she went on "The Neon Lights Tour" and the "DEMI World Tour", which i attended with Alexa and met Demi's her sister Maddie.
About 5sos
5 Seconds of Summer has for guys in the band, Micheal Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood. The boys were born and raised in Australia. All the boys went to the same high school except Ashton. They started a band in a garage and meet ashton so he joined. Luke as Lead vocals and guitar, Micheal as guitar and vocals, Calum as bass guitar and vocals, Ashton as drums and vocals. They started posting youtube videos and one day Louis Tomlinson from One Direction found them and asked to go on tour with them. They went on the "Take Me Home Tour" and the "Where We Are Tour." They also sign to Capital Records. They released and album in 2014 called "5 Seconds of Summer," which had the hit songs "She Looks So Perfect" and "Amnesia." Then they released another album that only added four new songs to the "5 Seconds of Summer" album. And now they are going on their own tour called "Rock Out with your Socks Out" tour. And they also won a VMA for best lyric video for "Dont Stop" and won a TCA for best group.
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