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Jacob Proper

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Jacob Proper

Why were shoes made and worn today?
Prezi By Jacob Proper

Shoes Worn Today
Shoes today are sometimes worn for fashion purposes. Sometimes people wear fashionable shoes even though they may hurt. Shoes may be worn also to help with diseases on the foot, for jobs, or even sports.
The Different Types of Shoes
Past Shoes
Egyptians wore sandals. Native Americans wore moccasins made from animal skins. Other different shoes such as spanish shoes, dutch shoes, babouche's, and french shoes were made.
I have found the answer to my question. I think shoes are very interesting. Thank you for looking at my prezi.
The End
Some shoes were worn for decoration or indication of their social status. Some shoes were worn for protection. Shoes were mainly worn in cold regions for that purpose of protection. No one knows the exact time of when shoes were made.
.Work Shoes: For safety and comfort in jobs.
.Casual / Dress Shoes:Everyday occasions.
.Sports Shoes:Enhances athletic performance and provides comfort and durability.
.Corrective Shoes:Provides relief from foot conditions.
Sports Shoe
Dress Shoe
How Soles are Made
The Sneaker factory: How Shoes are Made: Rubber Outsole Pressing
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