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IDI Task Presentation: Initial Leadership Assessment Course, Summer 2011

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Jessica Mueller

on 19 July 2011

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Transcript of IDI Task Presentation: Initial Leadership Assessment Course, Summer 2011

Having an open mind is not the same thing as possessing adequate knowledge and skills! My IDI task goal was to learn about a successful equity program at my current grade level (middle school), and find out how it works. 1. Background reading about Southview Middle School's Dare 2 Be Real Program (45 minutes)

2. Rereading and Development of interview questions for Patrick Duffy, Assistant Principal at Southview (1.5 hours)

3. Interview with Patrick Duffy (1.5 hours)

4. Typing up paraphrased versions of his responses based on my interview notes (1 hour) Dare 2 Be Real was featured on Kare 11's "What's Cool in Our School" segment...

http://www.kare11.com/life/community/schools/education/education_article.aspx?storyid=877887&catid=213<http://webmail.edina.k12.mn.us/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.kare11.com/life/community/schools/education/education_article.aspx?storyid=877887%26catid=213> My artifact from my IDI task contains:

1. Works cited page of articles read
2. Interview questions for Patrick Duffy (based on advance readings)
3. Paraprhased responses to interview questions based on my notes from the interview. Patrick shared with me that when he first began this work in his school, he at first encountered some staff members who did see the value in it. By the end of the year, many staff members cited "culturally related events" as their favorite events of the year. Patrick saw the student body become more open and inclusve. Behavior referrals and suspensions went way down. Reading scores went up dramatically among students who had previously not scored well, and while the school previously has not made AYP, it looks like they will this year. On working with reluctant staff members:
"It's an art, and I'm still developing."
(Patrick Duffy)

1. Ask questions and really listen in order to avoid making assumptions and to better understand where people are coming from, and be sure to follow up on things you say you are going to do.

2.One-on-one conversations with people are preferable.

3. Model the behavior you are seeking.

4. Point out people's strengths and try to bring them onboard in those areas.

5. Bring in student voices (with the cautionary note that this must be done very carefully). Logistics:
Students who are part of this program placed together in their advisory period with a teacher who is also part of the program. They plan and work together on equity activities at least once per week in advisory, and then receive training at least once per month. As I think about everything I have learned through reading about this program and my interview with Patrick, I wonder how I might use this knowledge in my own cultural competence development and practice. Some ideas are:

1. Courageous Conversation practices within cultural competence training group, and then with staff
2. Approach language arts curriculum writing work with equity lens
3. Watch data about Dare 2 Be Real. Possible adoption by my district some day?
4. Explore personal culture a bit more (classroom implications?)

"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction"
Winston Churchill My Goal My Task An Introduction to the Program My Artifact Some Highlights from the Interview Personal Reflection Successes Some Highlights from the Interview Tips for Working with Reluctant Staff Some Highlights from the Interview What are Dare 2 Be Real student leaders doing at Southview? IDI Task Presentation:
Initial Leadership Assessment Course,
Summer 2011 Dare 2 Be Real Program: Southview Middle School, Edina, MN http://www.iclipart.com/search.php?keys=373569&id=104_10_3_17 Leadership Activities:
1. Creating Display cases around the building
2. Talking at community forum on race
3. Working in partnership with other student leader organizations to plan school events with an equity lens
4. Delivering presentations to 6th graders regarding: anti-bullying, anti-racisim, & cultural awareness.
5. Giving testimony at all-school assemblies
6. Making presentations at local and national education conferences Some Highlights from the Interview What are Dare 2 Be Real student leaders doing at Southview? http://gueneviererose.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/multiracial-women-and-the-media/
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