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The Apache Tribe

By: Lukas and Fancy

Laura Flanagan

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of The Apache Tribe

The Apache Tribe
The Apache liked trading with the Navajo and the Pueblo. The Apache were known for stealing horse, corn, and other items from different tribes. The Apaches would trade meat for crops with the farming tribes because they mostly just hunted, not farmed.
This will be a fun presentation to the Apache indian tribe. We will have models and posters, and we will teach you some Apache language. You pronounce Apache ( A-PATCH-EE)
Most Apaches lived in something called a Wickiup. A Wickiup is a dome shaped hut made out of sticks and logs. The Apaches also lived in something called a mud hogan. A mud hogan is a hut with mud on the outside and the frame was made out of logs and sticks. the door of a mud hogan always faced east. The Apache tribe lived in the great plains region.
the Apaches mostly spoke the language athapaskan. "Ash" means friend and ah-heh-heh-eh means thank you.
The Apaches normally fought for revenge. The Apache fought the Mexicans and the Americans.
The men wore deer skin. Both genders wore fancy sandals. women wore dresses, long skirts, and trousers made of leather. For jewelry, the Apaches wore belts earrings, necklaces made of metal with woven leather. For hair, the Apache women wore their hair long and put in oil to make it slicker.
The Apaches believed that they lived with supernatural beings, they thought that the spirits were everywhere but mostly under rocks! The Apaches lived in a bunch of small groups and each group had their own leader and their own groups. Most groups had coming of age ceremonys to have the children officially become adults.
What did the Apaches Eat?
The Apaches ate buffalo,deer,antelope and other small things. Women gathered nuts, seeds, fruit and pecans.The Apache tribe, as we said, got all of their farmed goods form either trading with the Navajo or Pueblo or raiding an stealing from other tribes. The Apaches never liked fish. They hardly ever went fishing so their source of protein consisted of meat and sometimes nuts.
Tools and Weapons
The Apache people used the bow and arrow to hunt. The arrows would usually be made out of animal bones. They also would use knives, spoons, and spears. Most spears were made out of wood, sharpened rocks, and buffalo leather.
Medicine and Health
The Apache people were strong and athletic. For medicine, the Apaches used Jalap, Chinchona, Guaiacum, Peyote, and Lobelia.
Tribal Roles And government
The Apache native american Women normally did work around the house like cooking and raising the kids while the men go out and get food for the family. Apache government was where one tribe had one leader. Sometimes one group of Apache and another group join together to form a band.
the Apache native americans did basketry, did bead work with colorful beads and occasionally made clay pots Apache were well known for their basketry skills.
Thank you for listening
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