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iOrienteering app

No description

Kestutis Motiejuitis

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of iOrienteering app

Easy to prepare!
Participants need to download app from Google play or iTunes.

Organisers have to prepare iOrienteering course and map for participants.

1st Step Preparing map
To prepare map you can use ArcGIS Online Software or any other GIS software.

3rd Step
Lets go!
Students scan Course and Start QR codes and visit every Check Point with the help of the Map and Compass.
At every Check Point they scan QR Code.
The course will be finished when students scan the End QR Code.
Students can upload their results onto iOrienteering website.
2nd Step
Preparing course with iOrienteering
First, log in to iOrienteering website.
Next, to Create a course:
Write a name of the course;
Course open starts date;
Course ends date;
Max time allowed;
QR bar code size;
Choose Score or Linear course type;
Add Check Points codes as many as you need.
Last, Print QR codes.
Lets Orientate!
Orienteering is a sport that requires navigation, using compass and map reading skills.

Other ideas to use iOienteering
To time cycling.
To find the right place (buildings from old pictures in your town, statues in town park).
To identify nature objects (trees or other plants).
iOrienteering app
in Outdoor education

Erasmus+ project
“Our landscape. Our home. Our school” meeting
Slany, 2015

Different activities possibilities
Sports and Geography
Linear type or Point to Point course

the aim is to run a set route as fast as you can. The controls need to be visited in a set order and if you miss one the course is incomplete.

Integrated also with art, history, biology
Score type
Each check point has a points value and the idea is to collect as many points as you can within the time limit. The controls can be visited in any order. 
iOrienteering app is designed to make orienteering fun for all ages. The idea of iOrienteering is to use simple equipment (smart phone) for runners timming and checking at Control Points.
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