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What Scholarship Committees Want

No description

NAU Education Abroad

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of What Scholarship Committees Want

What Scholarship Committees Want
Understand & fulfill the scholarship's mission
Meet the scholarship basic requirements (GPA, location, field of study, length, etc...)
Maintain a good academic record
Have well chosen programs that meet goals
Have the potential to succeed abroad
Possess cultural adaptability, flexibility, and maturity
Turn in all additional documentation on time
Turn in well polished essays
Students who:
Start early
Spend time on your essays
Proofread by working with writing center
Have people that know you review your essay
Work in WORD & meet length requirements
Choose a program that meets your academic, professional and personal goals
How to ensure essay quality:
Is concise, focused & organized
Use paragraph format with transitions
Communicates your unique story
Look at selection criteria
Keeps the reviewers attention
Communicates the program's impact on goals
Describes coursework to complete abroad and how it will meet graduation requirements
Contains little to no grammatical mistakes
A Strong Essay:
A Note on Follow-up Projects:
Focus on giving back
Target Audience
Impact your project will have
Methods of publicity
Collaboration with other organizations
Preliminary arrangements
Tools you may need
The essay is the only way the review
committee can get to know you! Talk about your personal story
and less on the general philosophy
of having an experience abroad
Make an Appointment
Student Learning
Located in HLC RM 3113
To communicate your story & intention you must...
What not to do:
Drone on about why study abroad is a good idea
misspell or misuse words
Not follow instructions
Common ones:
instead of
emerged in culture
instead of
immersed in a culture

Common Mistakes:
Misspell or misuse words
Not follow instructions
Not meet basic requirements to apply
Not formatted correctly
Not write in paragraph format
Concentrate on generalities instead of specifics
Not explain why the student choose a specific program

Not meet or exceed the essay length
No: Study abroad will be life changing! I have always wanted to travel because I know it will help me to understand different cultures, get me out of my comfort zone and make me a more well rounded individual. I have always been fascinated with African culture so Ghana is the perfect place for me to study.

Yes: My study abroad semester in Ghana will allow me to take courses that meet my graduation requirements for my major: International Politics. I have a keen interest in Ghana academically for its unique place in history as being the first African nation to gain independence from colonial rule as well as the longest standing democracy in Africa. Professionally, my goal is to work in a US embassy in Western Africa so this study abroad experience is crucial to my long term goals.
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