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Health Promotion - Binge Drinking

Promoting positive health behaviors within the ages of 15 to 25 years of age.

Gabrielle Sambudjo

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Health Promotion - Binge Drinking

BINGE DRINKING An endemic within the Australian teen population CONSEQUENCES
(short term) Serious injury through accident
Road accidents
Alcohol poisoning
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Increased chances of suicide and assault LONG TERM
Brain Damage
Mental Health Diseases
Alcohol Dependency
Increases chances of Cardiovascular diseases such as Heart disease. THE TRANSTHEORETICAL
MODEL What the model Involves The transtheoretical Model describes key stages of change especially when dealing with addictive behaviours.
The key stages of change within this model are;
POSSIBLE RELAPSE WHO OUR CAMPAIGN IS TARGETING? School and university aged students aged between 15 to 25 years. In 2007, The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded that the average male teens started drinking at the age of 15. For females the average age they begun drinking was at 17 years of age. THE FACTS That 19% of Australian adolescent males engaged in high risk drinking at least once a week.
In the year 2006 hospital admissions for young people aged 15-24 were due to was numbered at 3000 due to acute intoxication with alcohol.
From the year 1999 to 2006 the rate of alcohol poison admissions for both male and females has doubled! Why? Due to the change in social norms - which views regular binge drinking is acceptable
The large market for alco-pops and easy accessibility to alcohol.
Acceptance of appearing drunk as cool THE PROGRAM Peer binge drinking program is aimed at educating and promoting change within 15-24 year olds
The program is aimed at promoting self-efficacy within the target age group as well as encouraging positive health behaviours such as managing their alcohol consumption independently. ABOUT THE PROGRAM The program will be implemented in PDHPE classes.
Focusing on promoting prevention
Making adolescents aware of consequences
Encourage students to re-evaluate the effects of this type of social activity, and enable them to promote change with themselves. ONE IN TWO AUSTRALIANS 15-17 WHO GET DRUNK WILL DO SOMETHING THEY REGRET How we plan to promote change! Promoting positives and making them aware of the negatives Negatives
falling pregnant
Getting into fights
Sustaining serious injuries
Accidentally hurting someone you care about
not remembering what you did the night before
long term health effects Positives
healthy attitude towards going out
Long term health
socially involved appose to passing out and having to be looked after
lower risk of injury
lower risk of pregnancy and STI's
Saving $$$ Weighing up enables in comparison to barriers Barriers
Peer pressure
Being left out of friendship groups
Associated activities that encourage binge drinking Enablers
Peer support
Finding alternative social activities
acquiring a healthier lifestyle
Learning from friends with bad experiences
the program; encourages change ACTION PREPARING STUDENTS WHN THEY ARE CONFRONTED WITH BINGE DRINKING SITUATION Positive reinforcement through education Real Life examples from guest speakers who have had life threatening experiences though binge drinking and how they promoted their own change. Promote rewards though encouraging students to organise social events that do not require excessive alcohol consumption Consistently providing access to support and information Teacher and consellor support is always accessible. Promoting friends to support each other Providing information days for parents and guardians in regard to being role-models MAINTENACE CONTEMPLATION PREPARATION Applying the
Transtheroretical Model Briefly involves prevention, cessation and achieving the health promoting behaviour
Our program aims at the changes and cessation of binge drinking - contemplation stage
Through this we aim to increase awareness and adovocate change!
Education - to prevent relapse Drinking in moderation is the NEW rage! WHEN DID YOU START?
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