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Upward Bound Summer 2014

No description

Angel Ninan

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Upward Bound Summer 2014

Wednesday, July 16,2014
Upward Bound
Summer 2014

“I have seen myself successful in the past three weeks because I have been learning how to take a step outside my comfort zone and push myself to do the things I would have never expected myself to do”
Amber Swain
Leah Strahin
“Upward Bound has affected me by helping me in my academics and in being more social. They also help me with getting a taste of college, learning to think for myself and be responsible.”

Denny Graham
“I have seen myself succeed in many ways, from academics to getting up early. I am very proud at my success in my college course, Communication 104. I have got grades that are very good and my study habits for that class have improved drastically over the weeks.”

Scavenger Hunt

Eh…Macarena! Aaay!

Do a yoga pose under the Starbucks logo: 20 points

Junior Astronauts
All hail the king...
“My favorite, most memorable part about Upward Bound these 3 weeks have been going to the pool and hanging out with old and new friends again.”

Brittany Marcavage
“Since the start of the summer program, I feel like I have become a better leader and I see how I am going to have to be to pass in college…I am more social every time I come to Upward Bound and I get to interact with all different people from all different backgrounds, places, and it makes me feel good that I get along with a lot of people.”

Blaze Tate
Pool party!

Ahhhh, this is the life…

“I have seen myself succeed in the past three weeks in my classes. I now understand things I wouldn’t get to learn until I was older…I have got a taste of the college experience…I have learned to be more independent and to open up and talk to new people

Maddie Pennington
“My most favorite part of the summer program is learning about bacteria. I think it is neat how the bacteria colonize and reproduce. I also think it is unique how some bacteria is and how some bacteria could harm you.”

Michael Gank
Birthday celebration!

“I believe the most amazing success I have experienced is coming out of my shell. These last few weeks…have brought me closer to a comfortable, relaxed mode with other participants. Most would say this isn’t a success, but to me, it is better than all of the money in the world. I can’t express in words the feeling of freedom in this program. That is my biggest success of this three-week program.”

charity sigley
don't mess with me...
My favorite part of Upward Bound this year was the video project. It helped us to learn about how Upward Bound was created and why it is here to help us…The video also made us work together to create a story that tells about ourselves which was really fun”

Abby Sine
“I have felt successful through my classes. I have turned in all my homework and I have understood everything we have reviewed”

Austin Marcavage
“This program has helped me to become more successful in being social. I used to be a really shy guy. I came to this Upward Bound camp and hardly knew anybody. Having this experience will help me in college extremely. I’ll meet new people and not be afraid to say hello.”

John Baker
“Upward Bound gave me experience that I would have to get on my own so in the long run I feel like I am in college because I have what other classmates don’t. I have a big advantage over them. Plus, Upward Bound gave me a chance to prove that I am smart.”

Daniel Barr
“Upward Bound has affected me by making new friends and making me a little bit smart on some things. It has made me see what college is like and the opportunities I have. The hardest thing that I am having trouble with is time management. Last night, I had Public Speaking and English and were both big and I didn’t know where to start but I got it all done”

Shawn Bishoff
Simply Delicious!



“Without Upward Bound, I would not challenge myself probably. I wouldn’t have taken hard classes without their tutoring. They have opened me up socially and I have made more friends. They have wanted to see me succeed and supported me like family. They are like a second family to me and we act like a larger family. We tried to be kind, considerate, and friendly with each other. We try to get along and have fun while learning.”

Daniel Williams
“I have seen myself successful these past three weeks by trying my best in math. I got as much help as I could.”

Christina rogers
“I have experienced college this summer. I have broken out of my quiet shell and have been talking more. I have made new friends.”

Kaitlynn Cole
“Over the past 3 weeks, I have grown mentally. My success is now closer. I have learned many things about my future and I will have college credits by the end of the third week.”

lydia wade


Dorsey’s Knob

memories to last a lifetime...
“I have seen myself successful in English. We had to write a 2 page article for our last assignment. I didn't think I could be able to do it but I was dedicated to it and finished early”

sydnee vandevender
“I have pushed myself harder in these past 3 weeks than any time. Upward Bound has helped me through many obstacles this summer. I can see myself being successful in the many years to come because of Upward Bound."

Ladonna Adams
“Upward Bound has changed my life because I have had the chance to experience a college campus with my close friends, and at the same time make new friends. I have understood the feeling of freedom and the happiness that friendship has brought to me because of Upward Bound.”

avery menear
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