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Mt. Hebron 8th Grade Parent Night

No description

Susan Bradley

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Mt. Hebron 8th Grade Parent Night

Mt. Hebron 8th Grade Parent Scheduling Night
Class of 2021
English 9 Regular
English 9 Honors
English 9 GT
Welcome and Inroductions
Dr. Andrew Cockley, Principal
Ms. Tina Flynn, Counselor
Ms. Karen Mason, Assistant Principal A-F
Mr. Dwayne Williams, Assistant Principal G-N
Dr. William Neugebauer, Assistant Principal O-Z
Ms. Jeannie Prevosto, Athletics and Activities Manager
Question 5
What are weighted and unweighted grade point averages (GPA)?
Question 1
What are the graduation requirements for the
class of 2021?
Credit Requirements
Program Choice
Students must take and pass assessments (HSA and PARCC) in these four areas.
World of Work
How does my child select classes?
Question 3
The Course
Selection Process
Middle school teachers makes
course recommendations
Student takes course request form home
Student selects elective courses
Student should have alternates listed for World Language, Fine Arts and Technology courses
Parent reviews, signs and
returns form
to the
middle school
Middle school counselor reviews requests/alternates and forwards form to Mt. Hebron
High School
Question 2
What is a typical academic schedule for a ninth grade student?
Question 4
What is my role in the course selection process?
Bell Schedule
Ms. Irene Bademosi A-Ch
Ms. Tina Flynn Ci-He
Ms. Robin Luongo Hi-Le
Mr. Dan Peabody (ITL) Li-Pa
Mr. Patrick Miles Pe-Si
Ms. Trish Derwart-Marton Sk-Z
Ms. Sheila Winters, Registrar
Grading Scale
Importance of GPA
Begins in 9th grade
Used as a criteria for NHS participation
Reported on student transcripts
GPAs are used for college admissions and scholarship applications
Determines Class Rank at the end of Junior year
Question 7
What are some other important aspects of high school?
School Clubs
Best Buddies
Class Boards
Athletic Teams
Student Government
Honor Societies
School Plays
It's Academic
Service Clubs
100+ Clubs AND Activities (16 New)
17 Fall Sports Programs
11 Winter Sports Programs
14 Spring Sports Programs

Visit the Cafeteria for an
Extra-Curricular Activities Packet.

Jeannie Prevosto
Athletics and Activities Manager
We offer a Sport or Activity
for Every Student!
Jeannie Prevosto
Athletics and Activities Manager
Academic Eligibility
Governs student participation in all voluntary extracurricular activities.
All incoming 9th graders are academically eligible for fall extracurricular activities.
Academic Eligibility policy for 9th Graders applies to the Winter (1st Quarter Report Card) AND Spring (2nd Quarter Report card);
All Students MUST have a GPA of 2.0 or better with NO MORE than ONE “E” Grade.

Impact Concussion Test (good for 2 Years)
Meet the Academic Eligibility Requirements
Physical Exam Dated On/After April 1st, 2017
Parent Permission Form
Birth Certificate (Copy)
Residency Verification (BGE, Landline Phone, or Water Bill)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form

Concussion Testing
June 5th, 6th and 7th,
from 3:00-5:00 in the Media Center for those tryig out for Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, & Volleyball (first come, first serve basis);
Fall Sports Sign-Up

– Monday, August 7th (4:00-5:30 PM in the Cafeteria);
Fall Sports Try-outs
–Wednesday, August 9th (Times & location sent out on on HCPSS e-alert-could be as early as 6am!);
Club Sign-Up Week
– September 5th-8th during ALL Lunch Shifts.
Lisa Vitali, ITL
*See course descriptions on
page 77 of the Course Catalog

9th grade math course offerings
Algebra PARCC
Calculators TI-84+
*Ms. Vitali will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
*See course descriptions on page 105 of the Course Catalog
*Mr. Sankey will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
Tom Sankey, ITL
Heather Cassetta, ITL

*Mrs. Cassetta will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
*See course descriptions on
page 117 of the Course Catalog
Social Studies
Don Walters, ITL
9th grade Social Studies course- US History
Government and Law Academy
*Mr. Walters will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
*See course descriptions on
page 123 of the Course Catalog
Jennifer Harvill
Art & Photo
Art 1: Foundations of Studio Art
Art 2/ Art 2 GT: Experiments in Media
Honors Art 3: Portfolio Development
AP Art 3: Portfolio Development
Honors Art 4: Personal Directions in Art
AP Art 4: Personal Directions in Art
Photography 1: Introduction to Photography
Photography 2: Personal and Unique Approaches
Honors/ AP Photography 3 Portfolio Development

9th Grade Electives
Plan Your
Summer Vacation Now!!!
9th Grade Academics
Family and
Consumer Sciences
Teyarnte Carter
Food and Nutrition Technology**
Foundations of Fashion and Interior Design
*Ms. Carter will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
*See course descriptions on page 67 of the Course Catalog
Michael Gorleski
Students are required to earn one Technology Education credit
Computer Science Principles AP (Grades 10-12)
Engineering Design
(Grades 10-12)
Exploring Computer Science Honors (Grades 9 -12)
Foundations of Technology
(Grades 9 -12)
PLTW- Intro Engineering Design GT (Grades 9 -12)
For students in Pre Engineering: Project Lead the Way Academy
Pre-Engineering Academy

Grade 9
PLTW- Intro Engineering Design G/T (PED) (Technology Education Credit)
Grade 10
Principles of Engineering G/T (POE)
Grade 11
Computer Integrated Manufacturing G/T (CIM)
Grade 11
Digital Electronics G/T (DE)
Grade 12
Engineering Design and Development G/T (EDD)
Began at Mount Hebron in the Fall of 2008:
Project Lead the Way -- Pre-Engineering Academy (Page 43 in Course Catalog)
Physical Education/Fine Arts
Mr. Hettenbach, ITL
1/2 credit of Lifetime Fitness
1/2 credit of Health
Above are taken in 9th grade (both are required for graduation)
*See course descriptions on page 112 of the Course Catalog
*Mr. Hettenbach will be available in the cafeteria
Dina Reyes
1 Fine Arts Credit
1 Elective Credit
Jr. Dance Company – GT
Dance Company - GT
Dance Placement Auditions- March 8th @ 3:30pm
Handouts and Audition Packets in Cafeteria
*Refer to page 92 in Course Catalog
*Ms. Reyes will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions. dina_reyes@hcpss.org
Music Courses
Ms. Papadatos
Wind Ensemble GT
Symphonic Band
Percussion Ensemble
Symphonic Winds
Dr. Shumway
String Orchestra
String Ensemble
Music Theory I, Music Theory II GT/AP
Piano I 
Music Courses
Mr. Hettenbach
Concert Choir
Chamber Choir GT
Music Technology
Piano I-IV
Mr. Rettenmayer
Guitar I-IV
*See course descriptions on
page 94 of the Course Catalog.
nicole_papadatos@hcpss.org, david_shumway@hcpss.org, christopher_hettenbach@hcpss.org, joshua_rettenmayer@hcpss.org
World Language
Leslie Ammann, ITL
“In addition to English Language Arts, every student will graduate with intermediate level proficiency in at least one other world language.”
Incoming 9th graders will receive credit for Spanish 1 or French 1 if they:
Pass all years of the course
Pass the end-of-course assessment
Students will earn 1 high school credit, but the grade will not be factored into their GPA
Students who have not started a language or want to start a new one can choose from:

World Language
Leslie Ammann, ITL
World Language
Leslie Ammann, ITL
Although other languages are listed in the course catalog, their offering is based on student enrollment and finding a highly-qualified teacher
2 language credits are required for high school graduation, but there are 2 other options*:
Advanced Technology Education Sequence
Career & Technology Education Completer
*See course descriptions on
page 135 of the Course Catalog.
*Ms. Ammann will be available in the cafeteria to answer specific questions.
Career Academies
at the Applied Research Lab (ARL)

Shawn Stanley, Automotive Teacher at ARL
**See course descriptions on page 25 of the Course Catalog
Important Dates
June 7 High School Visit Day
(students only)

June Students receive list of
confirmed classes
(mailed with report card)

August Students receive schedule

August 24 New Student Orientation

Need more information?
Please join us in the CAFETERIA
Question 6
What have recent 9th graders experienced at Mt. Hebron?
Survey of 9th Graders
(Class of 2019)
Introduction to data findings
All data presented is the result of 340 responses to a survey given to last year’s 9th graders.

What can be expected in High School?

Increased Rigor
Increased Homework
Increased Involvement

Average Minutes of Nightly
English Homework by Level
Average Minutes of Nightly
History Homework by Level
Average Minutes of Nightly
Science Homework by Level
Average Minutes of Nightly
Math Homework by Level
Average Nightly
Homework for Core Classes
Does your teacher take
late work?
Involvement in
Remember, that involvement takes time!
The survey found that the AVERAGE 9th grader spendt
104 minutes
each day after school participating in extra curricular activities.
Adding It Up
Overall, the time commitments required of the average 9th grader are:
Average homework:
159 minutes
Average extra curriculars:
104 minutes
Average total time
each day:
263 minutes
(4 hours 23 minutes)
What advice would you give to the current 8th graders?
Top 5 Answers:
Don't procrastinate
Turn in homework on time
Get involved
Stay organized
What is the biggest difference between middle school and high school?
Top 5 answers:
Amount of homework
Amount of time required to complete work
Difficulty and depth of assignments
High expectations
More independence
Career Academies at the ARL
Aerospace Engineering
Academy of Finance
Architectural Design
Automotive Technology
Construction Management
Cybersecurity: PC Software and Hardware or Computer Networking
Health Professions: Clinical Research, C.N.A., or EMT
Homeland Security
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Systems and Project Engineering
Visual Communication: Animation or Graphic Design
** ARL also hosts the Early College
Program in Cybersecurity**(10th grade)
English 9 Seminar
Yearbook 1
Journalism 1
Theatre Arts 1
English Credit Courses
English Elective Courses
75 hours of service which
includes planning, action, and

Most HCPSS students complete service learning in middle school.

(in minutes by level)
Impact Concussion Test
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