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Proposal for the Half Moon Bar and Nightclub

No description

Rachel Lynch

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Proposal for the Half Moon Bar and Nightclub

Proposal for the Half Moon Bar and Nightclub
Administrative: Owner / CEO; Administrative Assistant; Director of Customer and Public Relations
Finance: CFO; Accountant
Marketing: Marketing Director; Digital Marketing Manager; Graphic Designer/Photographer, Web Designer; Publicist; Intern
Production: Operations Manager; Stage Manager; Production Manager; Front of House Engineer;
Sound & Lighting Crew (Load in and load out)
Box Office: Promoter; Director of Booking / Artistic Planner; Box Office Manager; Ticket Seller
Security & Facilities: Security; Ushers; Maintenance Staff
School: Head of Education; Music Teachers (UNM student),
Bar: Bartenders

Target Market
• High School Students
• College Students
• Young Professionals
• Restaurant workers and patrons
• Ethnic groups: Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Native
• 21+ (For the bar)
• Residents along Central and the surrounding areas
Artistic Programming
Good relationship with UNM and geared towards students in the area. Capacity about 1,000 downstairs and 200 upstairs. Weekly UNM open mic night featuring talent from the university.
Total population of ABQ: 901,700
• 69.7% Caucasian
• 46.7% Hispanic
• 4.6% Multiracial
• 4.6% American Indian
• 3.3% Black
• 2.6 Asian
• Age 0-9: 13.7%
• Age 10-19: 13.8%
• Age 20-34: 22.6%
• Age 35-54: 29.8%
• Age 55-64: 8.1%
• Age 65+: 12%

Floor 2 and Basement
Floor 2: 21+ patrons will go up the stairs to the left upon entrance and will go up to the second floor balcony/bar area. The balcony overlooks the stage below and the bar is along the back of the balcony.

Basement: The basement will be primarily used for the after school programs and office spaces. There will be a green room beneath the stage, with stair access to the stage. Practice/recording rooms will line each side of the floor with a main office space on the right
First Floor
First Floor: The downstairs (main floor) of the venue will be standing room only with a raised stage at the back. Patrons will enter from the opposite side the stage is on. Upon arrival ID's will be checked and guests will enter an inner room containing the box office and bathrooms to the right. To the left will be the stairs to the other floors. Doors to the main venue will be straight ahead. Lighting and sound will be set up in the back, along with merch tables. The floor will be slanted to better accomodate short people (such as me and Margo) The stage will be straight ahead with a backstage area and stairs to the basement/green room. There are multiple doors on either side of the main floor for easy exit.
Location: Albuquerque New Mexico
The Half Moon will be located in downtown Albuquerque along historic Route 66, just down the street from UNM. Albuquerque is known for it's annual Balloon Fiesta in October, it's Mexican cuisine (especially green chili), and a number of art galleries and museums featuring Native American and Spanish art. Residents also enjoy around 280 sunny days a year. The ciy has a thriving cultural scene that includes festivals, local artists, and ski resorts.
• 94.2% housing occupied
54.2% owner occupied

• 51.4% female
• 48.6% male

Median Income: $43,606
Since there is a huge Hispanic community, the main genres would be Latino, Hip Hop, and Indie Rock.
List of possible artists:
Earl Sweatshirt
Danny Brown
Frank Ocean
Daddy Yankee
Freelance Whales
Fleet Foxes
Of Montreal
Local Natives
Band of Horses
Bombay Bicycle Club

The Half Moon will feature different local artists that rotate throughout the year. (Mostly paintings)
Community Outreach
The community outreach program is going to be a free after school program for middle and high school students. The Half-Moon will have volunteer UNM students teach kids about music, or how to play a certain insrument, in addition to sound and lighting. The progam is designed to help children avoid a lifestyle of drug abuse or gang involvement. The idea is to create a strong bond between student and volunteer, as the volunteers will be rold models for the students as well.
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