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the land girls

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of the land girls

the women's land army helped to provide Britain with food at the time when
u-boats were destroying many merchant ships bringing supplies from Britain from America.
The Land Girls in Action! By Jaya .f. and Jaya .b.
Did you know ?

The WLA was first created at world war 2 . There is a Big Diffrence from how much women got expected to do from the world war 1 till now .
At the start of the war Britain produced just 35% of the food it ate.
Britain's food imports made up around 50% of the country's requirements, so when Germany successfully mounted naval blockades in 1915, the country faced a problem.
Then, in 1917, the harvest failed and Britain was left with just three weeks' of food reserves. Famine loomed.
By 1918 there were 20,000 Land Girls
They milked cows, ploughed, herded and even thatched
In 1919 the WLA was disbanded as men returned home and imports resumed
In WW2 the WLA was re-established and, at its peak, there were 80,000 Land Girls
Did you Know ?
woman had to do the jobs men were meant to do the jobs because men went away for the war.
the land girls helped people and gave food.
"Add to that the amount of seriously wounded men coming home who required constant care, and in many instances women's lots were actually considerably worse after 1918.
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