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Debate Skills #1

how to analyse a speech

Nouran Ziad Maamoun

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Debate Skills #1

What's a Debate?
Why Debate? How could we reach these goals? Read the Speaker Speech Content IX- Gestures & eye contact:
1- was the speaker shaky or confident?
2- were gestures natural and timely?
3- were there any distracting manners?
4- was the eye contact effective to ALL audience? - Form of conversation
- Mostly to persuade an audience ( mutual understanding)
- Stating and comparing points of view
- Understand each other
- Umbrella of respect

First things First
ANALYSIS I- Objective of speech:
1- what's the speaker's goal?
2- what is the primary message delivered? IV_ Openings:
1- did the opening clearly establish the intent of presentation?
2- Was the Opening Memorable? VII- Enthusiasm and connection to audience:
1- was the speaker enthusiastic?
2- was the audience interactive?
3- was the message -I and ME- or was it -US and WE-? - Analysis is objective
- Hear with the intent to listen.
- Gather as much info. as possible
II- conditions of speech:
1- where was the speech delivered?
2- When was the speech delivered?
3- Demographic features of audience. III- what does the BODY LANGUAGE of the speaker tell you? V- Speech Body:
1- was the presentation focused?
2- were examples and statistics used & supportive?
3- were metaphors and symbolism used to improve understanding?
4- was the speech organized logically?
5- Did the speaker bridge smoothly between topics?
VI_ Speech Conclusion:
1- was the conclusion concise?
2- was the conclusion memorable?
VIII- Humor:
1- was humor used?
2- were there Pauses after punchlines?
was it relevant to the speech X_ Language:
1- was the language appropriate for audience?
2- were sentences short and easy?
3- were there any unnecessary complex words
4- did the speaker use rhetorical devices? which?
5- did the speaker articulate well? OUTCOME 1- Was the message delivered?
2- were you convinced?
3- would you want to hear this speaker again?
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