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No description

Fortalice Limited

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Objectives

Who is this woman?
Where has she come from?
What is her experience
Inclusive: During discussions, debates participation from all so that no one dominates.
Fairness: There are no “right” answers. Draw on your own experiences, views and beliefs, you do not need to be an expert.
Open minded: Listen carefully and try to understand the views of those you disagree with.
Communication: It is okay to disagree, but don’t be disagreeable. Respond to others with courtesy and respect, even when you disagree.

Welcome to Fortalice
International Women's Day

The Journey of an International Woman
March 10th 2017
“There is one universal truth, applicable to all
countries, cultures and communities:
violence against women is
never acceptable,
never excusable,
never tolerable.”
United Nations Secretary-General,
Ban Ki-Moon (2008)

Quiz Time
Ground rules
1. Gain an insight into how domestic violence and abuse is tackled in different countries
2. Understand what are the barriers
3. Recommend how to overcome barriers
4. Gain an awareness of services available in Bolton

Pre – UK

1. How is domestic abuse viewed in her home country?
2. What are the barriers for her to disclose?

Getting to the UK
3. How did she gain entry to the UK?
4. And at what cost, what has she left behind?
Financially, socially, etc


5. What is her immigration status?
6. What do you think she knows about getting support.
Her Journey
Is there anything you could do as a victim to overcome these barriers?
Is there anything you could do as a professional to overcome these barriers?
How easy it is to overcome?
Time for a Break
Gail Lyle
Citizen's Advice Bureau
0808 801 0011
Shaheda Mangerah
Destitution Project
07860 389 275
Cath Holt
Fortalice 01204 365 677
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