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A Creation Story

No description

Mushroom Star

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of A Creation Story

I, Elsa Hillis, give permission for my teacher to show this program to others. 4-8-14
"The Sami first appear in written history in the works of the Roman author Tacitus in about AD 98. Nearly 900 years later, a Norwegian chieftain visiting King Alfred the Great of England spoke of these reindeer herders, who were paying taxes to him in the form of furs, feathers, and whale bones. Over the centuries many armed nations—including the... Swedes, Danes, Finns, and Russians—demanded their loyalty and taxes. In some cases, the Sami had to pay taxes to two or three governments—as well as fines imposed by one country for paying taxes to another!"

In this story, the giant's daughter gives birth to the Galla-bartnit, the "hunting sons". These sons are later immortalized, by becoming stars- specifically, stars of Orion's belt.
This is an actual constellation-see picture(s) below.
Like many mythic world-beginnings, this starts out with the Earth and the Sun having a son (who does not appear to be human, but is not necessarily a deity either). In many, many ways, this is impossible.

The giant's daughter becomes "human"-sized upon reaching the Sun's son's land- this is also very hard to believe.

The giant and the son escape using the giant's magic handkerchief- which manipulates the wind in such a way that their boat may sail faster. Again, such a thing is unknown to mankind, as of yet( but hey, who knows?).

The Sámi's Creation Myth
In the beginning of time, the Earth and the Sun had a son. In this time, women were few, so the Sun's son went on a quest to find a wife. He sailed to the land of giants, and met the giant's daughter, and promptly, they fell in love.
The Sun's son and the giant then held a contest of strength- a test, to see if he was worthy of the giant's daughter. The challenge was a finger pulling contest (whoevers finger straightened out first lost), but the son was given an iron glove by the giant's daughter, and won the match by trickery.
Pursued by the giant's sons, the two escape by boat, using the giant's daughter's magic handkerchief and the Sun's rays. Once back in the son's land, the giant's daughter becomes human-sized, and gives birth to the Galla-bartnit, or the "hunting sons".
The Galla-bartnit eventually rise into the skies as stars, and form the Orion Constellation; becoming immortal and can hunt, in the skies, forever. The Sámi people are the descendants of these hunters, and thus the descendents of the Sun.
The Sámi have several Creation Tales- the one I chose just seems to be one of the more prominent ones.
I'm not sure of the actual origin of this story- like most ethnic myths, it's too old to trace back.
I've always been curious about the Sámi people, but besides that there is no big reason for me picking this story.
Scientific Strengths
Scientific Weaknesses
The Son of the Sun
The Sámi's Creation Myth

Elsa Hillis
Period Four 4-8-14
N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2014. <http://www.utexas.edu/courses/sami/diehtu/giella/folk/son.htm>.

Thomas, Charlie. Sami Culture. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2014. <http://www.utexas.edu/courses/sami/diehtu/siida/religion/creationmyth.htm>.
Baird, Ben. Sami Culture. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2014. <http://www.utexas.edu/courses/sami/diehtu/siida/religion/paralellism.htm>.
(Early 1900s)
(Present Day)
Some quick facts about the Sám
Espen Bratlie/Samfoto
"In the beginning, there were only Sun and Earth. As world father and world mother, they created everything in the world. But it was their son--the Son of the Sun, who was responsible for the creation of humans."
Creation Myths of the World: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1
By David Adams Leeming
(found on Google Books)
"In the Sámi animistic view, the Sun and the Earth existed first. The Sun is the father of all and the Earth is the mother of all. Between the two of them, they gave birth to the creatures that roam the earth. Every thing was descended from the divine, not just created. They also had a son and daughter. These too were legendary figures, semi-divine and curious of the new world. In searching, the Son found another world, beyond the Sun and Moon. The Sun does not shine here. In fact, the rays of the Sun destroy the brothers of the giant maiden, “…The Suns rays melt them/Turn their foreheads to stone…” (Gaski, 101) From this we may assume that the sun did not create the giants or the land that they inhabit. Therefore, there are other creative forces for life in the universe, not just the children of the Sun. By mixing his blood with the giantess, the Son created the Gállá-bártnit, a new people on the earth. From these came forth the Sámi. This leads to the idea of the Sun and Earth as parents, not creators, an idea that may be accepted for the creation of as many or all things as the listener may believe. The Sámi worldview allows for other people and origins to exist. It is a worldview for their people only, tolerant of others and able to accept new ideas from outside of its boundaries. Their myths leave room for other cultures, something that Genesis does not do."
Anders Fjellner
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