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Business Plan

Yamila Becker

on 8 January 2017

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Transcript of Dressed

Table of Content
1. Our Business
2. Operational Plan
3. Human Resource
4. Target group analysis
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Competative Analysis
7. Unique Selling Proposition
8. Marketing Mix
9. Finances
10. Risk Managment
11. Future Outlook

SWOT Analysis
Competative Analysis
Direct competitors
"Kolibri Image", "Image& Outfit" and "Juliane Gareis"

: The experienced and the educated level

: providing only one style advisors

Indirect competitors
Style advisement on the internet

: time reduction

: no personal interaction with the customer

Salesperson in the shops

• Our service will distinguish from the salespersons
because we will acquire the position of a personalized
shopping assistant
is clearly adapted to the preferences
of the customer
Marketing Mix
Product (Service):
individual shopping experience
purchased online, in stores, with the cooperation partner Jochen
"Centro Oberhausen",
149,99€ net per shopping experience
payment is conducted via cash (locally in store), credit card or PayPal
• Website, 10.000 flyer, Interview placed in the WAZ "Der Westen"
Social Media, broadcast (1live), release day

Financial strategy:


personalized style advisor
Cooperation with the Centro Oberhausen

sole focus on one specific target group

Cooperation with certain shops in the "Centro"

environmental risks
there excist direct and indirect competitors
Business strategy
Our Business
opening a DRESSED lounge
Centro Oberhausen
get customer through marketing & advertising
help people to find their style
become well-known in our location
cooperations with "Jochen Schweizer" & "Centro"
grow our business & profit from it
Our Buiness
Low debt capital and high self-involvement of the founders.

Up and Coming Style Advisor Team
Shop located in the Centro, Europe's biggest shopping Centre

1. Measurements of Height, Body Shape and Type
2. Shopping Tour with a personal Style Advidor

founded in September of 2015 by Anna- Christine Parschill, Sophie Akhibi, Jamila Becker, Meike Slacek and Inga van Dinther
Service focused on young mothers that are unsure about their Style
The Grand opening is planned for June of 2016
Human Resources
- 10,000€ privat capital
- 25,000€ dept capital
5 founder as only assistants
shared responsibilities, tasks and skills ( management )
certificates by "Typakademie"
knowledge and interests about fashion
The start-up period
Time period: 01.06.2016 – 31.12.2016:
300 appointments á 149,99€
average 1,8 appointments/day
Working hours
17,6 hours / week
70,4 hours / month
1,5 -1,79 appointments / day ( at first months)
depending on service orders
expected revenue
48,877.62 €
conisists of 5 founding members.
Seminar beforehand
All of the members work on a part time basis
Two members, 1 Administrative, 1 for Appointments
Appointments can be booked on our online website, through and email, phonecall or our Cooperation Partner "Jochen Schweitzer"

563,20 € / month for each member
8,00€ / hour
payment will increase after starting phase to 8,50€

Working schedule

Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 17:00
Friday from 14:00 to 20:00
Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.
Target Group
4 hour long shopping experience
Measurements taken in the shop
go out into the shopping center with advisor and search for the desired outfit
Wind down after shopping
Primary target group:
women aged 25 years and above
women being busy in daily life due
to a lot of work, almost no free time
1. Business lady
2. Housemother

Secondary target group:
children (aged: 15-25)

Our Business
Future Outlook
Cooperation benenefits
1. Increase appointment quote up to
2,12 per day
2. Introduce a second target group

Benefits for us

free internet
marketing platform
best possible shopping environment
Too narrow market sales
Customer not finding perfect fit
Conflict between founders

Damages at store due to third party
Transport network with limited access

Benefits for partner
customer satisfaction
exclusive service offer
broader range of clients
additional profit
3. Enlargement of our service offer:
shopping service
Unique Selling Proposition

different style advisor

cooperation with centro Oberhausen

experience gift
embrace your appearance
Starting capital: 35,000€
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