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CEJ 2014-2015

No description

Shauna Tharp

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of CEJ 2014-2015

Claim: Assertion argued throughout paragraph, speech, paper, etc.
Evidence: Factual information to support claim
Justification: Argument of how the evidence proves the claim
Our Findings from Last Year
100% Participation
Students Know the Strategy
Peer to Peer Observations Helpful
Increased Dialogue between Disciplines
Literacy Observations
Identify areas to focus on staff development
Develop knowledge of student understanding
Promote culture of literacy and collaboration
Literacy Lesson Study Expectations
Literacy Observations Logistics
Sign-up on Calendar in Shauna's Office
First come, first served
Observer will schedule follow up conversation
CEJ 2014-2015
A Quick Review and Map of the Year
Questions Moving Forward:
How can we clarify the difference between evidence and justification?
How can we increase instruction and use of CEJ in the classroom?
PLC Time

Modify Handout
How could you modify the handout to be specific to your discipline?
Brainstorm Time
What are you already doing that could be strengthened by CEJ?
What could you do to incorporate CEJ?
How did you teach CEJ last year for your lesson study?
How can you use CEJ to benefit your students?
On your index card:
What is one thing you did over the summer?
Our summer was ________.
Justify using your evidence ~ not necessarily all of it.
How Important is Teaching Literacy in All Content Areas?
Read the text and highlight/mark ideas, phrases, thoughts that resonate with you.
What is the claim of the article? What are its implications for our work?
2 literacy observations of each teacher by literacy team members or administrators per quarter focused on CEJ instruction
1 Every Four Weeks
Each observation should last 30-45 minutes
Each observation followed with a conversation within 48 hours.
Follow up conversation will last 10-15 minutes.
Send to Shauna:
5 Best Ideas for incorporating CEJ into your content area
Any content specific modifications to the handout
Look Through Document:
Write questions on the back of your index card.
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