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Different Types of Theatre Stages

No description

Danny Noles

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Different Types of Theatre Stages

Different Types of Theatre Stages
Thrust Theatre
stage thrusts/juts out to audience
audience views from 3 sides
more personal
4th wall convention broken
Flex Theatre
Proscenium Theatre
most common
Broadway theatres
Nutt theatre
audience views from one side
The "Picture Frame Stage"
proscenium arch
4th wall convention (for realism)
one wall is missing from the room to give the feeling that the audience is peeking in/eavesdropping on characters' lives.
box sets
Advantages/Disadvantes of Prosc. Theatre
realistic depictions
big stage area (musicals, large casts)
large scenery, costumes, stage effects; elaborate
less intimate: actor-audience relationship; barrier
easy to stage
Act 1 from "The Importance of Being Earnest
Thrust Theatre Continued
audience feels more engaged/involved in action
closer to actors
Disadvantages/Advantages of Thrust
no huge set pieces
minimalistic everything; rely a lot on furniture to depict locale
detailed scenery at back upstage wall
interesting actor entrances
doesn't work for every show
audience engagement/involvement
Scene from "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Blackbox/Arena Theatre
complete opposite of proscenium
audience surrounds stage on all four sides
wrap around/arena
hard to stage
Advantages/Disadvantages of Arena
hardest to stage
"illusion of theatre" is broken
can be very intimate
only some shows work on this stage
no set pieces; rely on furniture still

Where have you seen a...?

What did you see there?
Clip from "Oklahoma!"
stage thrusts/juts out
audience surrounds stage on 3 sides
interesting actor entrances
no huge set pieces; rely on furniture
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