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Deisy Johana Osorno

on 27 April 2014

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Tips For Teaching Teenagers
Teaching teenagers can be hard because it is a difficult age and they are not very motivated but there are some strategies to make it easier such as:
Find a passionate topic for them.
Use different resources like videos, songs, role play, games, group work...
Ask them about their personal experiences.
Ask them to help you solve a problem or to introduce a grammar point that they actually know.
Best Classroom Management
Be clear and set up rules from the beginning
Make clear to students the consequences of misbehavior.
Have an appropiate seat arrangement.
No playing in the classroom
No fighting with classmates
Respect each other, use nice words
Eat when not in class.
Remove distracting materials
Good sense of humor reduce classroom tensions and helps the learning process
Use positive instead of negative language “Listen to your teacher and peers” instead of “Don’t talk in class.”

English language teaching methodology

As Language teachers we need to keep track of new trends on teaching approaches, teaching methods and teaching methodologies. Always keeping in mind that every student is unique, with different learning needs.
The most common approaches until now are:

and the new trends are focus on multiple intelligences and learning styles:

Language teaching classes are influenced by different factors such as teachers’ pedagogy, learners’ motivation, classroom management and teaching methodology.
Each one is indispensable and teachers need to find the best way to provide a meaningful learning process and to do a better job.
There are some strategies that help teachers to improve their teaching practices, they must be attentive to use them in a good way if they want to have success in their classes.

New Patterns for Teachers of English Language Learners
Planning and Classroom management

Deisy Johana Osorno
Carolina María Duque
Blanca Flor Galindo
Doris Estella Morales
April 2014
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