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South Korea Trend Report: The Rise of Korean Survival Reality TV Shows

Contemporary Culture of EA By. Jaerin Lee

Jaerin Lee

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of South Korea Trend Report: The Rise of Korean Survival Reality TV Shows

South Korea Trend Report The Rise of Survival Reality TV Shows By. Jaerin Lee Contents Motivation & Questions
Int'l & S.K Audition TV Programs History & Cases
South Korea Status Quo
Rise of S.K Survival TV Shows
Causes of Phenomenon
My Opinion "Korea is in it's heydays of
Survival Reality TV Programs" Question Why are people so excited
with these programs? International Audtion Programs JYP Super Star Survival (2006) JYP 99% Challenge StarProject (2001) "Akdong Club" (2001) Korea Audition Programs Today's Status Quo (2011) Superstar K (KM) Recorded 14.5 %, the highest viewing rate in cable channels
The starting point of the rise of Survival Reality TV Show Star Audition "We-tan" (MBC) The first audition program in public channels
Marked 20 % viewing rate
Aim to find talented musicians
Mentor System / Consolation Match
Live broadcasting -> judged 80% by citizens & 20% judges I Am A Singer (MBC) Composed with 7 big-name singers
Special mission given to singers to perform in front 500 ordinary viewers
The audiences vote-> lowest ranking singer should go home etc Regardless of age, gender, education everyone can participate
Great amount of prizes are rewarded
Streches to all kinds of talent audition Why are we so excited to these TV programs? Enthusiasim toward Fair Competition - Living in a competitive society, what makes people frustrating is the spotlight only pointed to those who are better-off.
-Hidden romance toward fair competition
-People that are exhausted relieve their thirst by identifying themselves to the hero.

ex) recall the "naembi guensueng" during the World Cup 2002 Audition, the process itself is the beauty -Purpose of audition is to find a gemstone and trim it to a diamond.
->Process clearly shows how a person grows strong and mature
-People tired of result-oriented society
-The element of sincerity & vision The "Real" Variety Show -Korean variety shows were mostly all based on scenarios
-However, these programs see the reactions from the given mission
-Sencerity is the keypoint The Change of Media/ Social Network Usage -Active usage of SNS, blogs, twitters, facebook & other social networks enabled people to influence the result -> tw0-way communication
ex) final votings based on 60 % of citizens voting

-Easily spread & rewindable Answer for my Question Q. Why are people so excited about this new phenomenon? A. The thirst of "fairness"
desire to be spotlighted "Star"
demand of "Sincerity" (=realness)
change of "media environment" My Opinion


Opportunity is provided
Two-way communication


Winner takes all
ex) Scale of prize got enormously big
hundred million + music producing + guarantee

-> makes people more frustrated Geert Hofsted (social psychologist)
->came up with the explanation 'culture'

union model
: system that can be peeled, layer by layer, in order to reveal the content.
Imagine the whole onion as ‘culture’ and as you peel on, you see different levels which work on and influence culture (in any particular society). values: how ppl believe in things
rituals: festivals, ways of paying respect, ‘hanging out’ trends
heroes: persons admired by the society as a whole
symbols: words, artefacts, pictures that carry a special meaning End of Presentation
Thank You !
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