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Ten things about me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Ten things about me

Ten Things About Me Rodrigo
I like soccer because it is very fun to play. My first team was when I was eight years old. I played in a team with my cousins.
Real Madrid they are the best and always be. They have my favorite players like Cristiano Ronaldo.
The only shoe brand i get for soccer
I only like getting Nike because I like the brand. I like the commercial for the Magista Obra.
My 2 favorite player
Hector Herra is my favorite he player he plays for Mexico.They came to Real Salt Lake.
I do not like Barcalona because they are enemies with Real Madrid. I think they bought the game against Real Madrid.
My Favorite Team Is
I don't like cactus
I hate cactus
I get sick eating it
if I eat its because I am getting paid.
I hate math
Math I hate because its hard and I don't understand it much.
I hate school days
because I hate to wake up earl and do homework its like a jail.
I hate working cause
I hate going to wotk cause its at night and it is very dark. I watch ghost adventures and since I stated watching ghost adventure I been scared to work at night.
Argument bubble
I love soccer It is my favorite sport I grew up liking soccer. My dad and me like soccer he got me into five soccer teams.
My family cousins brother sister like soccer it is the best. People say that soccer is boring cause all you do is chaser a ball and score,but In conclusion I think that soccer is the best.
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