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Aegean Art

No description

Andrew Dart

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Aegean Art

Aegean Art
Chapter 4
Early Cycladic Art
"Frying Pan," from Chalandriani, Syros. Early Cycladic II.
ca. 2500 - 2200BCE.
Figure, Cyclades. ca. 2500 BCE. Marble. 16"h.
Harpist, from Amorgos, Cyclades. 2500 BCE. 8.5"h.
Minoan Art
Reconstruction of the Palace Complex, Knossos, Crete
The Queen's Megaron, ca. 1700-1300 BCE,
from Knossos, Crete.
Spring Fresco. Fresco from Akrotiri, Thera. ca. 1600-1500 BCE
Octopus Vase, stirrup jar from Palaikastro, Crete. ca. 1500 BCE.
Harvester Vase, from Hagia Triada. ca. 1500-1450 BCE.
Stone/seatite, 4.5"w
Rhyton in the shape of a bull's head, from Knossos. Ca. 1500-1450 BCE. Serpentine, steatite, crystal, and shell inlay (horns restored). 8"h
Snake Goddess, from palace complex, Knossos. ca. 1650 BCE. 11"h
Tiryns Citadel
The Lion Gate, Mycenae, Greece ca. 1250 BCE
Corbeled casemate at Tiryns,
Greece. ca. 1400-1200 BCE
Mask of Agamemnon, Mycenae. ca. 1600-1500 BCE. Gold, 12"h
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