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speakers corner

No description

Jago potato

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of speakers corner

Millenium bridge
the globe
speakers corner

the London eye
The London Saint-Romboutstower aka Elizabeth Tower
The london eye
The history of the London eye.
Top 3 highest ferris wheels.
Cool facts.
My own impression.
The history.
The idea.
9 march 2000.
Top 3 highest ferris wheels.
1. the High roller(167 m)
2. the Singapore flyer(165 m)
when two dogs fight for a bone the third one goes away with it

3. The London eye (135 m)
cool facts
my impression
The Savoy
Amai that's high!
what are you up to
dis guy

i always say never look the cat out of the thee
better one bird i your hand than 2 birds inthe sky
bean comes for his paycheck

man, you are calling a cat a dog
zwijg dries

-Did you know that the Millennium Bridge aka “Wobbly Bridge” was closed just two days after its launch after concerns about how much it swayed?
good job Anthony!
You can get your private capsule
each capsule weighs 10 tonnes
800 people can get inside at once
the private-private capsule
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