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Medieval Craftsmen

No description

Niamh O'Brien

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Craftsmen

Medieval Craftsmen
What was a charter?

Why did each town need a charter?

What was the advantages to the charter?

What was a guild?

Whyw as it important to have guilds in Medieval towns?
Listen for the steps of becoming a master craftsman!!
Can anyone list any of the steps to becoming a master craftsman???
What do we know???
Name three five different medieval craftsmen?

List the steps of becoming a master craftsman.

By the end of this class you will be able to list three different medieval craftsmen.....


You will be able to describe the steps of how a boy became a master craftsman.
What will we learn today?
Let's Recap....
Your Task
Write an account of the life of a craftsman in a medieval town: Use these headings....

1. Training
2. The Guild
3. House and Shop
4.Daily life
5. Pastimes.
How a boy became a medieval craftsman..
Three important stages:

The Apprentice
: At the age of 12 a boy became and
. For 7 years he lived with a master craftsman, to learn the trade. He did this with no pay.

The Journeyman
: After the 7 years he becomes a
and he is now paid for his work. He could leave his master and travel in search of better wages.

A Master
: This was every Journeyman's aim. After this they can have their own workshop and sell his goods to the town. To become a
he had to produce a 'masterpiece' to prove to the guild that he was a good craftsman. He also had to make a large payment to the guild. Why might this payment stop some journeymen becoming masters?

Different Medieval Crafts:

◾Shoemakers, or cobblers
◾Candle makers

Apothecaries was a shop full of various cures! Like a modern day pharmacy.
Most of which were homemade.
He was usually a trusted member of the medieval community but sometimes was accused of witchcraft!
Ideally, they had access to a garden so they could grow their plats and herbs!
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