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Rattle snake

No description

John Miller

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Rattle snake

Rattle snakes have a cool description. Rattle snakes sun them selves for warmth. They grow 2 to 7 ft long. Rattle snakes can see at day or night. Rattle snakes group together in the winter. That is why rattle snakes have a cool description.
San Diego County has many uniqe and cool aimal species. For my animal report i chose the rattle snake.
Rattle snakes have a good habitat/diet. Rattle snakes live in enclosed places. Rattle snakes eat bunnies and rats. Rattle snakes live in logs for the summer. Rattle snakes live in caves for the winter. That is why rattle snakes have a cool habitat/diet.
Rattle snake
Rattle snakes are very interesting. More people die from bee and wasp stings than snake bites. There are 4 species of rattle snakes in the united states. There rattles are made out of the same materials as our finger nails. That is why rattle snakes are very interesting.
San Diego County has many uniqe an cool animal species. The rattle snake is one of them.
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